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After giving Enclomiphene a try for about a year a half (with decent results, at least from a numbers standpoint) and occasionally mixing in some testosterone nasal gel from Empower (can't stand the gel in my nose and running down my throat), I've been off everything since April. I knew that my Enclomiphene days were numbered with the FDA decision, and I wanted to see where I would end up. Was feeling pretty bad after a few months, so I decided to take a blood test in mid-July. Results were fugly!

Total - 274 ng/dl
Free - 7.3 pg/ml
DHT - 22 ng/dl
Estrodial - 10.1 pg/ml
SHBG - 21.4 nmol/L
Prolactin - 7.3 ng/dl
IGF-1 - 211 ng/ml

At least my IGF-1 was good! These numbers are lower than when I started TRT for a few months back in December 2019 before stopping and giving Enclomiphene a go to see what I could produce naturally. I wasn't committed to the idea of TRT then, but at this point (and particularly with no availability of Enclomiphene), I'm going to go all in. Not interested in Clomid and think I can feel better with TRT (even if Enclomiphene was available).

Based on where I ended up my first go round with TRT, I'll be starting with injections every day of cypionate and HCG, along with experimenting with testosterone cream at different levels and frequencies.
  • BEGIN T Cyp 200mg/ml - inject 0.10ml SQ daily
  • BEGIN Testosterone Cream 50mg/ml - apply 1 click daily to scrotum
  • BEGIN Pregnyl 100iu SQ daily
My HCG amount is little lower than I was injecting last time as my Estrodial was a little on the high-end last time (high 40's, low 50's). I will probably try half a click as one full click sent my total and free testosterone and DHT through the roof.

It was a good run with Enclomiphene, but I have felt a little undertreated with it (compared to how I felt with my first go-round with TRT) and looking forward to overall improvements. Fingers crossed!
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