Red Face Sub Q vs IM


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I am on test cyp injections twice a week (50mg every 3.5 days and 500iu's HCG every 3.5 days). The Cyp says for intramuscular injections only. The HCG says either.

I have experimented with injecting CYP into my belly fat and do not get the red face (I also may not be getting the testosterone into my system though). When I inject it into my muscle (I prefer the thigh) I get a significant heating up of the face.

I don't have any recent numbers but my E is always way on the very high side.

Any thoughts on the hot red face issue? It's uncomfortable and I don't like the comments about my skin color all the time (asking if I've been tanning).
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It's not uncommon to get different rates of absorption and such from IM or SQ, one in particular belief is more/less aromatase with one or the other. If you're noticing one thing works better for you than another then you should make the change.
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