red face

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  1. A

    Red sun looking face and cheast.

    Does any body sugffering from redface get better result whit an Ai?
  2. K

    Red Face Sub Q vs IM

    I am on test cyp injections twice a week (50mg every 3.5 days and 500iu's HCG every 3.5 days). The Cyp says for intramuscular injections only. The HCG says either. I have experimented with injecting CYP into my belly fat and do not get the red face (I also may not be getting the testosterone...
  3. B

    Red/hot face and small pimples starting on cheeks

    Been on TRT for 8 weeks. Labs initially showed 200T and 15 estradiol. Injecting 160 Mg of test cyp in 2 weekly injections, 500iu of HCG twice a week and 1mg of arimidex. Labs just came back at 1100T and 22 estradiol. Hematocrit is at 47. About a day after I inject, my face gets red, hot and I...
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