Freezing HCG in unmixed vial

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Hi I have a question about freezing HCG.

I have a frozen vial (just the powder) of HCG that expired in august 2020.

Since that time I have kept the vial in the freezer.

Now I want to do HCG again but am nervous as this vial has been expired in the freezer

I read that I can get a pregnancy test to see if my HCG works but then I read on another forum that’s not a good indicator
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I've often stocked up and kept the unmixed vials in the freezer. Reconstitute and go for it - ignoring the expiration dates. Never had any issues.
How long does that last?
Who prescribes that for you?
Is there a primer on HCG on the site?
How long it lasts depends on your prescribed dose. If you take 500 IU per week, a 12,000 IU vial would last you right at 24 weeks. At a 1,000 IU per week dose, the vial lasts about 12 weeks.

Prescribed by my doc at Defy Medical.

Primer? You should have your doc "prime" you on it.
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