Enhancing Men's Health: The Role of Health Apps.

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In this episode of Backtable Urology Podcast, Ken Mitchell MPAS, PA-C, a certified physician associate, speaks about the role of interprofessional collaboration in treating male sexual dysfunction and infertility.

First, Ken highlights his journey into men’s health, sparked by the debut of erectile dysfunction medication and his engagement in vascular medicine. He then discusses how he leveraged his clinical background to address prevalent issues such as erectile dysfunction and testosterone management. Ken emphasizes the importance of education, collaboration, and innovative treatment approaches in providing effective patient care. Dr. Silva and Ken also cover the potential of oral testosterone treatments and their growing acceptance among patients due to convenience and cost-effectiveness. Ken shares insights into his role in advancing APP utilization in urology practices and ensuring comprehensive care coverage. Finally, Ken introduces his nonprofit organization, GUYnecology Men’s Health, an initiative aimed at fostering a broader understanding of preventative care among patients and healthcare professionals.


00:00 - Introduction
06:28 - Expanding the Role of APPs in Urology
14:47 - Addressing Testosterone Replacement Therapy
21:40 - Exploring Treatment and Insurance Challenges in Urology Practices
27:35 - The Evolution of Oral Testosterone Treatments
35:29 - Incorporating Telehealth and Enhancing Patient Education
36:03 - Introducing Guynecology: A New Approach to Men’s Health
41:44 - Final Thoughts and Advice for Urologists and APPs
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27:35 - The Evolution of Oral Testosterone Treatments

Let's dive into this new the pills have you been able to incorporate them into the practice?

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