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Been on Enclomiphene (12.5 ED) about two weeks in conjunction with anestrozole (.1 3 days/wk).

In only a matter of days I fell into a serious depression that is very uncharacteristic of me. I stopped the AI thinking it might be that, but then noticed within one or two hours of taking the enclomiphene I'd drop right back into depression. Wake up feeling fine and ready to go, take the enclomiphene and feel terrible.

I don't see this reported as a side effect anywhere?
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I noticed a difference when I switched from Clomid 25mg 4xwk to Enclomiphene 50mg 4xwk. I wasn't bad in a funk, but it was noticeable enough that I started taking the following again. I take Jarrow GABA Soothe to keep me more upbeat and it is GABA, L-Theanine and Ashwagandha. It helps me and some days I'll double up on the dose.
I felt off with enclomiphene, felt bad as I’m tired etc and wanted to badly get back on test plus hcg
I took the enclomiphene with my trt of 100 mg a week to try to raise my LH, which after a month it did not
I wonder if enclomiphene mixed with clomid would be better, not sure
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