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  1. Blackhawk

    Testosterone assay experts... puzzling results

    I am following up on my most recent protocol: Daily T cyp/prop results I am taking T cyp/prop blend at 4:3 ratio, 56mg daily, and HCG 400iu E4D. I wanted to see peak and trough, so got two blood draws. One was covered by insurance through labcorp, the other I bought on discounted labs since it...
  2. N

    Any Canadians used Discounted Labs with Quest or Labcorb in the US recently?

    Im Canadian and before Covid I would purchase a panel from Discounted Labs or PrivateMD Labs and then run down across the border to Labcorp to have blood drawn. I'm wondering if this is still doable or if there's any red tape issues? I tried to call Lapcorp and Quest but there's no option to...
  3. A

    Anyone had bad experiences with LabCorp?

    My doc usually uses Quest and I get my own tests through Quest and DiscountLabs, but my doc recently tried LabCorp because he said they gave him a better deal on a wider variety of tests. Half my results aren’t there and say things like ‘unable to calculate result since non-numeric result...
  4. bennettjc

    Response from LabCorp About Their Incorrect Unit Usages For Their Free Testosterone - Direct - Test

    I've been irked for a year by the apparent incorrect unit usage for the particular Free Testosterone test mentioned above. I periodically reach out to whatever relevant executive I can find. No luck for months until the below correspondence. In brief his explanation doesn't hold up in my view...
  5. Z

    High Testosterone and anxiety

    So I got some Of my labs back and the basics are my T was 1477 Free T-47 SHGB was 30 Hemocrit was 51 Hemoglobin was 17 IGF-1 was 180 PSA-0.6 this was done 24 hours after my last injection. I do 25mg everyday. But my question is, my anxiety has been a little on the higher side lately. I know...
  6. D

    Emotional, ED, high T, and suspiciously low E2

    Hello, I‘m new here. I’ve read off and on for years, and searched recently through the forum and haven’t found a thread that fits my situation. First, a brief background: I’ve been on TRT (injections) since summer 2015, with a new “Functional Medicine” DR since mid 2017. She was willing to...
  7. J

    Wildly Different E2 Numbers - LabCorp vs. Quest

    I won't bore everybody with details and fluff - the numbers speak for themselves. Bottom line, Quest and LabCorp E2 numbers are nowhere near each other based on recent lab work I had done (Quest numbers were 2x LabCorp numbers). Be careful if you are managing E2 with only a single lab...
  8. B

    This lab gets my vote

    Hi All - FYI: I did some shopping around and this is the place where I've consistently found the best pricing on labs. You can choose to go to either a Quest or LabCorp collection center. No Dr. Rx needed and I always check the "weekly promotions" where sometimes you'll find packages at discount...
  9. R

    The LabCorp Experience: Then and Now

    Or, LabCorp: You think it was fun last time? Wait until you see what we have in store for you today! Or. So you miss the Greatest Show on Earth, the now defunct Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey? No fear LabCorp now operates a Circus in nearly every town available daily and replete with...
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