low e2

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  1. T

    Anyone supplement E2 alongside TRT

    Question for the low E2 guys. Does anyone add E2 exogenously alongside their TRT. If so, where did they start dosage wise and how successful was it. I’ve never had any libido on TRT - My E2 is always on the lower end and my SHBG is extremely low. Aside from the shot libido, I don’t feel that...
  2. H

    Looking for help

    Hello First of all, if this is wrong section, apologies. For the past three years I have been experiencing low energy, low motivation, brain fog, memory shortness, super low libido and as of last year, ED. The libido is almost at the bottom now. I am not on TRT and I have never used hormones...
  3. C

    Natural 21M Very Low E2 Relative to T With Symptoms

    Hello all, I'm at my wits end regarding low E2 symptoms which have been going on for at least 3 years, but have worsened: frequent urination (feels like I can't empty my bladder; underwear is always soaked), constipation, dry mouth, achy joints, complete loss of libido, ED. The blood test I took...
  4. J

    Very high FT on 70mg/wk?

    I just got my blood results back. I have been lowering my testosterone dose significantly over time, as I was experiencing many side effects on higher doses, which I thought may have been in part due to the high T:E2 ratio (seemed it didn't rise proportionally). I'm running 70mg of test cyp per...
  5. Nocalves

    Estrogen vs progesterone

    I am on 140mg/w daily dose test E. I am extremly sensitive to anything, what can possibly lower my estradiol. When I am just on test, my tst vs. E2 level seems to be ok, but I don’t feel good enough, my progesteron is low, my pregnenolon is low and also my DHEA is low.. Few months ago I was...
  6. G

    Hcg and joint pain help

    hi guys, after adding hcg to my protocol I experience bad joint pain and constant urination, anyone have this issue? I’m pretty scared to have fucked something up
  7. Z

    Am I eligible to TRT considering the following...?

    Hello everyone, First off, the number bits: - TT: 480 (240-870) - FT: 10 (8-40) - e2: 15 (11-44) After 2 months taking a B-vitamin complex: - TT: 860 (240-870) - FT: 11 (8-40) - e2: 15 (11-44) TT doubled, but FT and e2 are still low Other bloods of interest: - complete liver panel is normal...
  8. M

    Low E2 With No AI

    I've been on TRT for 4 years years. 49yo, good physical shape, clean diet, lifts 4-5X a week. Took a while to dial my protocol in but I've found 50mg T.Cyp twice a week, 300iu HCG 3X/week, and no AI and this protocol has worked pretty decent. However, about three months back, I started...
  9. D

    Low SHBG, scrotal T cream increased DHT, drove E2 to <2

    My SHBG has run in the 12-15 range with pretty much any TRT changes I have made. My protocol last month was T Cyp (SQ) 24mg x3/wk, HCG 200 iu 3x wk, DHEA 25 mg 3 x wk, Pregnenolone 50mg 3 x wk, and T Cream to scrotum each night, a very small dose. Seemed to work, and a set of labs found DHT was...
  10. D

    Blood Results Today Show Low Estradiol vs. TT - Advice?

    Here's my current protocol: EOD injections of 14mg Test E for weekly total of 49mg of Test E. 10mg Cialis EOD Blood drawn on morning of injection BEFOREHAND to show trough Results As Follows: TT: 1033 (ref range: 193-740) FT: 58 (ref range: 8-27) E2: 37 (ref range: 41-91.9) Hematocrit: 47.3...
  11. M

    Help keeping e2 up

    Hey guys looking for a little discussion here. Been on different forms of TRT for a little over 2 years now. Struggled constantly with headaches on injectables, emotional on clomid (however felt great the first two weeks, which i think was the increase in e2) and finally settled on scrotal...
  12. D

    Significant Loss of Orgasm Sensation from Very Low E2?

    Taking the advice of my HRT doctor addressing my high E2 numbers from my last tests...75, she prescribed for me to take .25mgs of Arimidex 2x's weekly to see if my numbers could fall into the range of 15-20. However, from my past experience having crushed my E2 to <5, I decided to only take...
  13. F

    Erection quality issues

    I have been on 7-8 years and have done almost all but not all protocols. The thing ive noticed is that when my balls are tight and skin pulled back that is when I have the best erections and sometimes orgasms feel good not dull. And depending on the dose I will suffer from low e2 side effects...
  14. DragonBits

    Weird blood test results

    I often have a few surprises in my blood test results. Today's surprise was estradiol. I attached the last couple of blood test results, one from 1-7-2020 and one from 11/15/2019. Today, the surprise was pretty low E2 levels of 8.9 pg/mpwith a Total T of 650. (I tend to do blood test just...
  15. D

    Emotional, ED, high T, and suspiciously low E2

    Hello, I‘m new here. I’ve read off and on for years, and searched recently through the forum and haven’t found a thread that fits my situation. First, a brief background: I’ve been on TRT (injections) since summer 2015, with a new “Functional Medicine” DR since mid 2017. She was willing to...
  16. R

    Anxiety Low E2 can't seem to get my levels up

    I really need some help, I am having severe anxiety, I have never had anxiety before ever. I have been on TRT for over 9 years without issues, @ 200MGs per week and AI twice a week. My TRT doctor is out of the office till Monday, and I was hoping this issue would go away but its not. After my...
  17. J

    Struggling with differentiating btw high and low estrogen

    Hey folks, I have been on trt for a couple of years. My current protocol is .30ml of 200mg test E3D. I have recently dropped HCG because I have been struggling with highs and Lows and I am experimenting without using hcg. One symptom that I am struggling with is a sudden loss of muscle density...
  18. K

    Strange Low E2 Symptoms

    First off let me preface this by saying that I am not sure I have low E2, but I suspect I do. Let me also say that I also realize that the only way I can know for sure is by getting it tested. My schedule is pretty packed and it's very hard to get myself to a lab right now, but I will try...
  19. P

    Hot Flashes and Low E2

    I have felt hot flashes throughout the day for as long as I've been on HRT the last 2 yrs., (Sub Q T Enanthate .4ml x 2 per week). I was soon put on anastrozole, (0.5mg x 3 week), when my estradiol went up. Last results a week ago showed estradiol at <2!!! Prior to that it had ranged between...
  20. L

    low e2 symptoms didnt go away after crash

    So long story short i crashed my e2 levels using anastrozole during anabolic steroids cycle. That was 1 year ago. Im on trt. I had awful symptoms when i crashed it and i discontinued anastrozole 1 year ago. Thing is symptoms still are there, I tried to up my T dosage, tried HCG in big doses...
  21. M

    Adex/DIM- Anyone have success with combo'd drug/ sides? Im gettting sides after 2 weeks

    Hey guys: 2 part question with background info: long time member/non-poster but active on facebook: Defy appears to be prescribing Adex/DIM compounded together at empower or APS. Anyone have any experience with efficacy vs standard Adex by itself? On my 2nd week dosage of .25mg/200mg Adex/DIM...
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