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  1. S

    Switching from cream to injection

    If you were to switch from cream which has approximately one day half life to cypionate injection, would it make sense to do a higher first dose injection to “preload” ? For example, if your protocol was 50mg twice a week, do 100mg first shot and then 3-4 days later come in with the 50mg and...
  2. G

    Trimix "Missing Corpa Cavernosa" - No Effect

    So I am still learning this and only my 3rd time attempting to use Trimix. First two times were successful, this time though, was not. I injected and waited the 15-20 minutes with no changes. I had read that it was possible to miss the main canal that your supposed to put it in, so I...
  3. G

    Average Injection Beginner TRT Dose

    For men, it seems the best the place to start is around 100mg weekly spread into a couple doses, but what if the best place for a woman to start? My wife was on cream for a couple months but it didn't move her numbers much (dose unknown but way too expensive) and now on 20mg every 2 weeks. Does...
  4. M

    Free T low, total t high.

    Free T... My total test came back at 900 on a scale of 250-850. But my free came back low, 11, on a scale of 9-22. shbg is 45, Inj frequency is 2x a week. (80 mg total for week) What else should I be looking at as to why my free T is lower?? THX
  5. Kristoffer

    "Comfort-in" Needle-Free Jet Injection System for penis ED medication (Trimix , Quad mix, Bimix etc)

    Hi. i Just read about this "comfort-in" needle free "injector", that can be used to "inject": (taken from CF-DV-01. Comfort-In Needle Free Injection System ) "TRIMIX, QUAD-MIX, BIMIX injections for erectile dysfunction. Hormones including Oxytocin and HCG Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin)...
  6. T

    Are millilitre amounts consistent across syringes?

    I am switching from insulin needle to a more typical syringe with (reduced) deadspace, to try out deeper IM injections. What is confusing is that insulin needles have no dead space whilst typical syringes do. Making the switch I really want to avoid fluctuations, I have a narrow dose where I...
  7. G

    Gel vs injections

    Did you move from taking the T gel to injections (apart from skin irritation) or the way around? If so, why?
  8. B

    Am I hitting scar tissue?!

    I inject .34 ml eod and rotate between delts and glutes. I use a 1 ml 27g needle for my injections. Every now and then I hit a spot where the testosterone is very slow to come out. I have to use a lot of pressure to empty the barrel. Today it went to a whole new level. I injected my left delt...
  9. G

    Injection Mistake - Infection?

    On Tuesday, when doing a quad shallow IM (1/2 inch insulin pin) 4mg shot, I blasted through a vein which resulted in quite a bit of blood running out after I withdrew the needle. For the record, swabbed top of vial appropriately before draw, used z-track method, but, there's a tiny chance when...
  10. U

    Massaging injection site with shallow IM a bad idea?

    I've seen people reccomend doing it with subq, it always hurt when I tried so I stopped. I started doing it when I switched to shallow IM. I have since seen people say it can mess with absorption because it can push it back into the subq tissue or cause it to leak out. Any thoughts? My numbers...
  11. W

    1/2" Glute injections

    Tried searching for this, but could't find anything on here about injecting shallow IM in the glute. Does anyone do this with blood work to back it up?
  12. S

    1/2" Delt -- always a lump and bruise

    I am not sure what I'm doing wrong, but every time I attempt to use my deltoids as a target, I end up with a lump under my skin and a bruise. Every time. Injecting into my quads, never an issue. I'm trying to get a better rotation of spots since I am doing 2x a week now, but I've been sticking...
  13. I

    Did I inject this ventroglutes shot right?

    So I’m taking a TRT dose of testosterone Cyp and only injecting about 0.4/0.5ml a week. last time (first shot) I was terrified and decided to go subQ in the belly because I have a decent amount of fat there. It didn’t hurt going in but afterwards got a lot of pip and it swelled up a tiny bit...
  14. J

    Sub Q injection question

    I inject both T and HCG Sub-Q. My question is, as long as it’s going into subcutaneous tissue does it really matter where it goes? Stomach fat injections always hurt and leave welts and sometimes bruises.. not much of it there maybe, so always do a SubQ glute injection. Will that make a difference?
  15. S

    WTF HAPPENED... horrible coughing fit after injection, thought I was dying

    I have been on TRT for well over a year now. I recently received testosterone from Hallendale pharmacy and used the vial for the first time. I had been using another pharmacy that had a sesame oil preparation and empower for awhile as well... basically whatever my clinic sent to me. My first...
  16. T

    Injecting in right quad leaves swelling, left not

    Has anyone had a similar experience? The right one is always sore for days, the left one rarely is. More nerves/less blood flow on one side?
  17. A


    I know aspirating isn’t necessary but I’m curious why when I aspirate air bubbles stay in the syringe. Isn’t it in a vacuum state so where is the air coming from?
  18. G

    Blood coming out from Delt injection Shallow IM?

    I started Shallow IM injections a week ago, alternating Delts for now to keep it simple. I use a 29G 1/2'' insulin syringe. Every day has been painless and bloodless until today, when it hurt more going in and when I pulled out some blood came out. Not much, just a drop that went down my...
  19. S

    IM Testosterone Given SubQ

    Hello, I have been taking Xyosted for the past 3 months and my doctor just recommended that up the dose to 100mg. The problem is at $425 per month, I cannot afford this. I asked my doctor if the Xyosted medication, Testosterone Enanthate was available in a vial, and could I take it...
  20. A

    Pain after test injection

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone get pain after testosterone injection? I take both HCG n Test. I never got pain when i take HCG but when i take testosterone, i get pain all the time. Do you guys also get pain? I take subcutaneous near thigh. Please share ur exp. Thanks
  21. A

    My first TRT injection reaction

    After doing research for almost an year, I started my TRT. I am using TRT+HCG. Yesterday i tried to mix both test and hcg in a single needle but it dint go through well. There were bubbles so i throwed it away. So after that i took separate injection for test n hcg. Hcg went well no issues but...
  22. I

    Insulin syringe and VG

    Hi, Does insulin syringe (BD brand 29g 1/2") has long enough needle to reach ventrogluteal muscle? I am switching to insulin syringes, but i want to stick to IM injection not subq. I feel good and i don't want to risk losing it by doing any changes. And yeah, i inject into VG muscle EOD.
  23. J

    SubQ injection locations

    Hey guys just started SubQ. I’m having A hard time finding good spots I guess. Using a 28g 1/2” syringe I feel like I’ll Pierce stomach muscle below my belly fat? Maybe it’s deceiving and the stomach muscle isn’t as close as I think it is. Should I be going in at a steep angle? I also tried my...
  24. 0

    Excessive bleeding from injection

    I recently switched my pins from a 25g 1.5in to a 23g 1.5in. I inject in the glute 2x/week IM at 80mg with a test blend that I get from my pharmacy. This morning I went to inject with the 23g and when I pulled the needle out it bled more than usual. Enough to soak all the blood up with a decent...
  25. J

    question on glute medius injection

    All - For awhile I had been injecting into my glute medius, the bulging aspect you see when you place your weight on one leg and stick your hip out .... I thought this was the ventroglute, or at least a part of it. Anyway, I pinned this spot for a few months and never had a problem. Then I...
  26. J

    Testosterone leak?

    Good day everyone, I have been wondering that if I bleed after a subq injection, does some of the test come back out with the blood? Kind of a silly question but have always wondered.
  27. H

    Risk of abscess with subq injection vs I.M.

    Is the risk of developing an abscess generally lower for subq injections vs I.M.? i`m asking because I know someone who is a diabetic for 20 years now injecting multiple times daily and he never swabs the injection spot an reuses needles umtil the get dull and he had never problems. Apearently...
  28. lemonflavor

    Strange/Scary/Humorous CALM Injection Story and Questions

    I wasn't sure which board to post this on, because it's related to an injectable supplement called CALM, a water based mix of four components like magnesium, etc, which Defy/Empower sell. I had used a .5ml syringe to inject this supplement and it didn't have any effect. I needed to go up to...
  29. M

    Is a one inch needle too much?

    I just started my therpy last week and I am aiming to do IM injections on my M,W,F schedule. I have been using a 25 gauge 5/8" needle to draw and inject into my quads. I have read about a lot of people using the easy touch insulin syringes/needles to inject. I figured either of these would hit...
  30. K

    Upper range SHBG - IM injection frequency?

    Hi guys my SHBG is consistently in the upper part of the range (e.g. last test: 45.8 nmol/l with a range of 14.5-48.4). What would be a recommended injection frequency? Thx
  31. G

    Wasted test

    I started my treatment about 4 weeks ago, I have noticed that after my test injection there is about .3ml left after. Should I adjust my dose for this or not worry about it. Seems like a pretty big waste after it’s all added up.
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