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    MY TRT STARTED! i would be very greatfull to get opinions and support :)

    Hi lads, i read some threads here and i hope i post this in the right place if not pls correct me , im very new and would like to learn more from u . first of all english is not my first language so i hope its not pain to read through this long post. im 33y old , weigh around 100kg height...
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    How many mg are we really getting ?

    So I heard somewhere that 100mg of testosterone isn’t actually 100mg but a lower percentage is this true and how much would it be if it was cypionate in particular ? Thanks you guys !
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    Multi dosage vials ?

    I’m thinking about going to every day injections since my shbg is really low around 8-10. and I know buying daily 1ml vials can be expensive I think right now on EOD it’s about 50$ every two weeks right now . So my question is do we (USA) have multi dosage vials of like 10mls where I can draw my...
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    Lower T Dose ED, High E2?

    Hey gents~ I started my TRT journey on a higher dose, but as a low SHBG guy sitting somewhere between 8-14 for SHBG levels, I titrated down to 105mg/wk w ED injections. I take .25 Adex every other day when I notice my water weight goes up and nips get puffy and then I back off to keep things...
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    Increased test. dose and crazy anxiety - beware!!

    Hi All, So firstly this is all on me as I messed with my weekly dosage and learnt a very, very hard lesson this past weekend. I doubled my dose from 100mg to 200 mg a week last week without increasing it slowly, as I've read that more androgens will hopefully lower my SHBG levels. From Thursday...
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    Dosage vs Side Effects(Acne, Puffy Nipples)

    Hi everyone this is my first post so go easy on me lol...I am 22 years old, and approximately a year and a few months ago, I started suffering from a deep depression, non-existent libido and rapid and aggressive weight loss. I was pretty close to just calling it quits honestly, and upon...
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