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  1. A

    Empower Pharmacy no longer shipping Testosterone to California

    Got this Email today: Dear Valued Patients, We have been alerted by Empower Pharmacy that as of October 2nd, 2023, they will no longer ship sterile compounded medications such as testosterone into the state of California. This change includes all compounded injectable medications. However...
  2. H

    Defy - Is this normally how they work? Negative experience so far...

    Just had my first call with them. I really wanted to like them and handle everything thru them... No doctor on the call, it was a nurse. I thought I was told the first call would be with a doctor when I was looking into it. I figured not a huge deal if she is good. Time allotted was 60...
  3. C

    Defy Medical: Pregnyl: CVS Specialty Pharmacy

    Does it matter which CVS pharmacy Defy calls in the script for Pregnyl HCG? Do I need to specifcally find a CVS Specialty pharmacy and call them to make sure it is in stock before Defy calls in the script? I am located in the Dallas, TX area.
  4. S

    How To Use Defy/Empower Nasal Gel Pen

    I received my first nasal gel pen in the mail from Defy today, but it came with no instructions on how to actually use the pen. The only moving part is the rotating clicker at the bottom. I rotated it fully (several clicks), but nothing came out the dispenser. There is no pump or any other...
  5. M

    Would defy prescribe me parnate?

    For years I have dealt with treatment resistant depression. TRT has helped a bit, but it’s no magic bullet. I’ve been reading up on a medication called Parnate. It’s an MAOI and is apparently very successful at treating TRD. The only issue is mainstream doctors are hesitant to prescribe it, so...
  6. R

    How strict is Defy when it comes to elevated hematocrit/hemoglobin?

    I’m new here so apologies if this is the wrong forum. I’m considering switching to Defy after 6 months on TRT at a local clinic. I’ve had elevated hemoglobin (high 17’s to low 18’s) and hematocrit (51-53%) most of the time I’ve been on TRT. But I was also on 180mg per week which is probably too...
  7. L

    Enclomiphene WAS working fantastically. What todo now?

    A classic enclomiphene/clomid story? I have been on enclomiphene with Defy for about 4.5 weeks at 12.5mg/day. It took about a week or two to feel the effects but when it did, nearly all my low-t symptoms were alleviated. More energy, strength, a libido, no more ED, far less anxiety, motivation...
  8. maxadvance

    Prescribe Rapamycin, Sirolimus

    Will Defy offer prescriptions on this? or any other telemedicine providers? Hopefully Dr Saya will see this because I'm ready to try. Thx
  9. S

    Does anyone know any women on HRT through Defy Medical ?

    I know that this could probably go in the Women HRT subforum, but that barely gets any traffic so I hope that this is okay. Do any of you guys have wives or girlfriends that go through Defy for HRT? If so, what are there experiences with Defy? I'm just hoping that they'll have the same...
  10. B

    Why Does Defy Medical Only Work with Two Pharmacies?

    I’m a longtime lurker here on excelmale, I have learned so much on here, big fan of Nelson as well for all he has done for the “hrt community.” So I just became a patient at Defy Medical after switching from my local urologist who refused to allow me to dose above 100 mg weekly, even with free t...
  11. bbex2014

    Testosterone cream only protocols

    Just want to know how guys are currently doing that are on cream only protocols and what numbers everyone is getting for total, free, and dht on labs. I just recently got 755 total t, 21 free t on 3 clicks to the scrotum 4 hours prior to blood draw. I might just be one of the rare few who don't...
  12. S

    Help choosing a TRT doctor - Defy vs Dr Rotman

    Looking for a little bit of opinion here. I'm currently a patient of Dr Saya and have had a really great experience so far. Someone close to me insisted that I get a second opinion from a local doctor I can meet with in person, and I'm not opposed to seeing someone that my insurance would pay...
  13. S

    Quick Defy Medical Question

    My local doctor moved to Kansas. Hated to see him leave. Quick question, are the cost of labs in addition to Defy's schedule of charges for new patient appointments? If figure it is, but wanted to check. Thanks.
  14. J

    Thinking about contacting Defy - some random thoughts

    Been feeling really sluggish recently, so much so that I feel almost tingly/hazy at time in the mid to later afternoons and evenings and its been keeping me from having any energy to work out. I got a full blood work up, including thyroid in Dec with my primary care and he said all numbers were...
  15. R

    TRT - HCG - FSH - Clomid? Dr. Saya?

    So, I've been on TRT alone from 9/13 - 11/18. Felt absolutely amazing for about 2 years and then began chasing the dragon after a massive drop in mood and effect. I over respond to adex (.012 once a week puts me at 5 on the sensitive), SHBG hovers between 19 and 27 and T is in the 850-1000...
  16. E

    New batch of Testosterone from Empower - rash and low t symptoms

    Hello all So this is the first time I am refilling my testosterone. My first 4 months have been pretty good! Got my levels up and feeling good. So I ordered a refill (Defy) and got my next batch of two bottles. The outside box looks different (white box versus a black-purple graphical box)...
  17. B

    Order from defy

    What is the typical amount of time for shipments from defy? Did a consult Thursday night and I assume the scripts were sent to the pharmacy Friday. Closed on weekends. Just wondering if I should expect the order this week. I chose the $25 express or whatever its called. Luckily I just got a...
  18. B

    Starting protocol for high SHBG

    Good afternoon, After doing more research and reviewing the responses to my other thread, I’ve decided to schedule an appointment with Defy to get a consultation and potentially start a TRT protocol to treat my low free testosterone. I looked back at my lab history over the past 2 years and I...
  19. E

    Starting with Defy, Advice?

    After being told by several doctors that my 307 Total T count is in the "normal" range (I'm 38yo and very active) I'm going to bite the bullet and work with Defy. What questions should I have and is there anything I should be aware of? I'm trying to educate myself as much as possible through...
  20. A

    Stopped TRT , on restart protocol , feeling good so far

    Hey all, So as the title says I stopped TRT and now am on a restart protocol. I was on TRT since June of this year but came to the conclusion that it’s not for me, atleast not right now. I stopped because although I was feeling better than pre TRT , I just don’t think I was benefiting enough...
  21. S

    UPDATE // New Member w/TRT protocol from Defy. Please compare, critique and advise!

    Hello Guys! 36 years old, in good shape, commendable physique, 5'10", 183lbs (83kg), 12%BF, Low T for at least 5 years. Tried every diet and lifestyle change possible to address this but to no avail. Finally making the TRT jump! Here are my lab numbers (LabCorp): Testosterone, Serum ...
  22. W

    My start on NDT

    Figured I'd start a new thread involving my journey to fix my thyroid issues to help others cause I know I'll be asking questions, so others can read and learn too. I left off with thyroid discussions on the last few post here to get up to speed here (other members had good info, worth reading)...
  23. M

    Problems with Defy and Hallandale Pharmacy

    I've really enjoyed my interactions with the Defy staff, but I've run into some issues with my prescriptions and appointments. After being on TRT for about 6 weeks, I was experiencing very bad bloating, feeling very tired during the day, major nipple soreness, and other symptoms of high E2. My...
  24. Reason

    Help with Follow-Up Labs Cost and Alternatives

    I have my first follow-up consult with Defy and the labs they've requested are double the initial cost projection of $250, to about $500 so I'm looking for help figuring out my options. I've Kaiser in NorCal and they won't cover labs from outside network physicians. My primary didn't want to...
  25. C

    42 y/o - Normal T / Low-ish FreeT / Very High SHBG / High LH - is TRT right for me?

    I'm 42 yrs old and the last 4 years my energy, strength, and stamina have plummeted. I am generally an athletic/slender guy but my midsection has increased a lot, and I have become very sluggish. My sex drive isn't great so I thought I might take a stab at this TRT stuff… Here is...
  26. Reason

    Guidance with Initial Labs (very low Free-T)

    Help Reading Initial Labs? Hey all, New here, first post! I just got my initial labs en route to a Defy consultation (2-3 weeks out). I'm somewhat new to this so I would really appreciate some guidance reading the results. Background: 37 / 5'11" / 190lbs / ~18-20% body fat Gyno as a...
  27. J

    Options for Canadians to get TRT Treatement in the USA

    After a number of bad doctor experiences in gettingappropriate TRT treatment and monitoring, I am interested in knowing what theoptions are for a Canadian to get TRT treatment including a prescription froman American TRT clinic such as Defy or PrimeBody. I am based near Vancouver, so Ideally...
  28. B

    Are the benefits of TRT exagerated or is the clomid not working?

    So I was prescribed clomid 12.5 mg a day for my low testosterone. Initially my levels were at 226 ng/dL 348 - 1197 which were taken in late janurary. I started taking clomid on march 5th and after a month of clomid I went in for another test and the results came out to 837 ng/dL 348 - 1197 taken...
  29. R

    Another Great Experience with Defy

    I had my initial consult with Dr. Saya last week, and I'm pretty darn impressed. The wait for the initial consult was definitively worth it. Dr. Saya was very knowledgeable about all the related blood work findings, and went through each area to make sure I understood any concerns he had. The...
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