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  1. J

    Hypoglycemia from blood donation

    I donated blood a week ago today due to high hematocrit. since the donation I have been having hypoglycemia symptoms especially when working out and being active. I feel dizzy, light headed and feel like I am going to pass out. Once I eat carbs I immediately feel better which is what makes me...
  2. U

    How long after donating blood before changes in HCT and Ferritin is noticed on blood work

    Going to try to donate for the first time ever tomorrow, am curious how long before I should notice changes in my red blood cell counts and ferritin levels on blood work?
  3. P

    Rising Hematocrit and RBC

    Need some input and assistance from the forum. Have been on TRT since 2018. Tried most forms (Compounded creams, Androgel, shots) and have most recently been on: Testosterone Protocol – Since 2/25/21 T-cypionate - 200mg/ml - 0.28ml Subcutaneous shots - every 2.5 days Latest Labs (Labs were on...
  4. T

    Michigan Phlebotomist and TRT Clinic?

    Hi, I'm in the metro Detroit, MI area and am in need of a phlebotomist. My physician recommended one but from my past experiences I'm uncomfortable having to deal with anyone who isn't familiar with TRT. Does anyone know of a phlebotomist you'd recommend in Michigan? Any other local resources...
  5. R

    Blood donation high hemocrit

    My hemocrit hit 52.0 on my last blood test. My dr told me to donate blood. Do I disclose that I am on TRT and was told by my dr to donate? What type of donation do I tell them? whole blood, RBC'S only? never did this before any suggestions?
  6. G

    Cant donate due to low iron

    I've found myself in a jam. Hematocrit is not really high, but its high enough to be causing symptoms. My iron is low, and so is my copper. I inject 100mg a week, and wondering if I cut that to 50mg a week, would that help without raising hematocrit even further. Im at 48% and and hemoglobin is...
  7. Gianluca

    Blood donation and lower minerals

    We know donating blood lowers Ferrtin, has anyone checked on RBC minerals such as Magnesium, Zinc, Copper or Iodine before/after? theoretically giving up some red blood cells should lower these minerals correct?
  8. C

    Blood donation for men who have sex with men?

    For men who have sex with men, it it possible to donate blood? I did some googling and came across results that it's allowed after 12 months has passed since the last sexual encounter. Is this correct or is there an absolute ban?
  9. S

    Very Low Ferritin with High Iron?

    My Ferritin tested 5 weeks ago was 14. I donated blood a couple days ago so who knows what it is now. But my Iron was 140. A few years ago when I was donating blood every 3 months I had a Ferritin level of zero. I don't even know how thats possible but the lab said my Ferritin was undetectable...
  10. S

    Gatorade Before - After Blood Donation?

    I will be donating blood in the net day or 2 and as usual I am dreading it. I feel weak and lightheaded for about 8 hours after a donation. Then of course the next day I feel bette then ever. Wondering if I should load up on Gatorade or anything else to ease symptoms.
  11. T

    Hematocrit down after donation

    Hematocrit after 1st donation 51.3 Hematocrit after 2nd donation 46.5 (this donation was 30 days after my first donation) And I feel a lot better!
  12. H

    My experiment with IP6 (Iron chelator)

    My serum iron was a bit elevated during my last bloodwork and I dediced to try some IP6 (1000mg a day on VERY empty stomach with a full glass of water). After a little over 1 month my serum iron dropped by half. If I still had high HCT issues I would definitely try IP6. As an iron chelator in...
  13. T

    Therapeutic Phlebotomy Places in the United States for Men on TRT

    I Got a script for therapeutic phlebotomy and I went to three places (Lapcorp, hospital and uni blood donation center) and none would do it. I would donate but I just donated less than a month ago. Any suggestions?
  14. G

    Giving blood

    When donating blood do you specify you are on trt, and how often should blood work be done?
  15. F

    Therapeutic Phlebotomy Please Help

    Hey guys I haven’t posted in a while. Been on TRT for a some years now. Love where I’m at and everything is going great with my doctor. Been donating blood for years with no issues. One day I came across a really nasty woman who made me ineligible to donate blood. She said I needed to bring...
  16. S

    Blood Donation & Weight Lifting Timing

    Hi Guys, My hemoglobin is highish (17.4) and have been recommended by Dr Saya to do a Power Red donation to get that number down. I workout (CrossFit) 4 days per week (resting on Wednesday, Sat and Sun) so am trying to workout the best day to do the donation. If I do it Wednesday morning...
  17. Nelson Vergel

    Donating Blood Prevents Heart Disease

    20 Scientific References That Determined that Donating Blood is Good for Your Cardiovascular Health. Men on Testosterone Replacement Therapy with High Hematocrit and High Ferritin Will Benefit Even More. 1) Donation of blood is associated with reduced risk of myocardial infarction. The Kuopio...
  18. Gianluca Bonetti

    High hematocrit/Donation/Blood Clot

    unfortunately my hematocrit is up at 51 and need to let some blood out, I found several post of people on the web who got blood clot from donating, now I'm really scared, I'm already not doing well with TRT for already about a year and seriously thinking to give up as it is becoming time...
  19. Vince Carter

    Effects on RBC/Hematocrit and blood donation

    This is a progression I tracked and wanted to share with you all, it seems a fair question to how much a donation (or phlebotomy) of 1 pint can affect RBC and Hematocrit levels. All donations and blood tests were between 0730 and 0830 on the days indicated. 31 Aug 15 RBC 6.24 Hema 55.9 5 Sep...
  20. R

    Doctor: NO phlebotomy once 52% reached - O.K. to use leeches?

    Hi, Doc will discontinue hcg and will also not prescribe any alternate such as cyp once hematocrit reaches the upper limit of 52%. He specifically does not believe in phlebotomy -ever-. I am now at 50.5% in my 5th month of hcg mono. I posted my labs in the appropriate thread but got no...
  21. Excel Male

    How to Lower High Hematocrit Caused by Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

    High Hematocrit Caused by Testosterone Replacement Therapy By Nelson Vergel, B.S.Ch.E., M.B.A. High hematocrit occurs when there is an excessive production of red blood cells. High hematocrit can cause the blood to become very viscous or "sticky," making it harder for the heart to pump. High...
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