aromatase inhibitor

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  1. C

    Anastrozole - Enduring Side Effects 5 Years Later

    Hello all, I’m 28yo male in the US. When I was in my early 20s, I had a residual puffy nipple from puberty. I was very self conscious about this, being pretty deep in weight lifting, and my primary care physician prescribed an anti-estrogen without blood work almost immediately. After about a...
  2. A

    Melatonin Preventing Estrogen-Mediated Gene Transcription In Vitro

    This study (Melatonin blocks the activation of estrogen receptor for DNA binding - PubMed) seems to show that melatonin hinders the action of estrogen-bound estrogen receptors. "The present study shows that melatonin prevents, within the first cell cycle, the estradiol-induced growth of...
  3. D

    New bloods in, very high prolactin and somewhat high e2. Would a small dose ai help? Or should I look to cabergoline

    High prolactin, e2 somewhat high, would an ai help? Or should I look into caber. On 100mg test E split everyday injections and added calcium d glucarate for e2 and P5P for prolactin, since starting P5P prolactin has increased from 19-27.8. Also looking to maybe increase T dose to get it into the...
  4. J

    Dialing Test-C dose in and Eliminating 'Need' for AI

    Hey all recent member, been on TRT for six years now and have been having some issues getting my dose dialed in. I've been given permission by my doctor to reduce my dose albeit without much direction on what amounts to decrement my dose by. I'm having an issue figuring out how to handle this as...
  5. J

    Metformin as an Aromatase Inhibitor?

    Getting right to the point, study upon study has shown that Metformin appears to be an efficacious aromatase inhibitor. For those of you taking it with TRT, have you noticed any low E2 related symptoms associated with its use? On a side note, this might just solve the myriad of E2 related...
  6. E

    Arimidex? Do we need it?

    So I'm getting closer to being prescribed HRT. I did another blood test and total T is 271, the initial was 240. Both sad numbers. I am talking to a clinic and have my consultation on Saturday. If all goes well, I'll get Test Cypionate, HCG, and arimidex. I'm concerned with the AI. My main...
  7. L

    AI side effects?

    I had a question regarding the side effects of AI’a and can’t seem to find a consistent consensus regarding side effects. I am aware that there can be side effects from the usage of AIs, from my understanding the sides are from crashing estradiol to an unhealthy level. Most of the negatives...
  8. S

    How does recovery anastrozole crashed E2 compare to aromasin?

    A couple of weeks ago I decided to give anastrozole a shot and see how I felt after taking some, now that I'm on a higher T cyp dose (200mg/week). Well, I had erections galore for the first few days after taking .25mg, and then they subsided. I figured it must've worn off (it'd been nearly a...
  9. R

    Looking for some advice

    Greetings. I have posted here before about how I believe using arimidex monoteraphy for several months to try and boost my T levels a while ago screwed me up. The symptoms starting fits the timeline perfectly, either just before quitting or after quitting (cold turkey without taper) they...
  10. S

    What’s the general consensus on AI’s here?

    Either I’ve been living under a rock or I’ve only really seen people discuss it heavily on other forums. No particular reason at this moment, just wondering for future reference.
  11. B

    AI monotherapy

    Has anyone tried, or can advise on AI monotherapy. My test levels are good but my free test is low, SHBG and est are high (bloods below). I was prescribed 125mg enanthate weekly and HCG 500iu 3 times a week yesterday, however I am extremely concerned about fertility and have decided to think...
  12. K

    Anastrazole (Arimadex) Maintenance Dosing

    Hello: Estradiol got a little high to 45 on sensitive assay so started .5mg Anastrazole once/week. After 4 weeks Estradiol down to 21. Wanted to know if I should switch to every other week at .5 mg to stay in the sweet spot of Estradio of 20-30 or keep taking .5mg/wk. Worried current dose of .5...
  13. B

    Relationship Between Estrogen & Spleen Discomfort?

    Hey all, High SHBG guy here. Before I began treatment, I had a constant (not too bad, but annoying) discomfort/pain over my spleen for about six months. I saw a few doctors, but none of them could figure out what was wrong and said it may be psychosomatic. In May, I started on hCG and an A.I...
  14. Z

    Yet another fertility, ancillary case following long term TRT

    Hey everyone. I know a lot of this topic has been covered a few times, but since every case is different I figured I would start an original post and invite input from the entire community. Ill put as much detail as possible. A brief bio: 40yo retired military, Registered dietitian and...
  15. B

    Tried many things but nothing has yet done it for me!

    Hello, This is a rather long post so please bear with me. I'm a 28yo male with a long time history of hypogonadism symptoms, but since I'm overweight I had thought that it all had to do with losing weight. 2 years before I got married I started to feel a heavy loss in libido and some ED. Sadly...
  16. Z

    33 y/o, elevated Estradiol, looking for advice

    Hi, first post here, hoping to find some advice. If this in in the wrong subforum mods please let me know. Anyway I’m a 33 y/o male, 5'10" 195lbs, lifting frequently for 18 month now and by my estimate would be at about 20% body fat, most of which is on my chest and stomach. Haven’t touched...
  17. M

    AI monotherapy for low T due to excess body weight

    When I was at my highest weight (300lbs) I was diagnosed with low T with a total testosterone of 250ng/dl. I've since lost 50lbs over a year and while my TT first went down even further, it has recently increased to 385ng/dl with an e2 level of 32pg/ml in my latest test a few days ago. I assume...
  18. J

    Aromatase Inhibitor

    Hello everyone, I am currently on TRT (150 mg/week) and I am having some estrogen issues. My last lab showed my E2 at 55 pg/mL. At the same time, my doc does not want to put me on an AI. I might have to go through the black market to get some. Does anyone know of any legit places that I could...
  19. Maximus220rr

    Anastrozole or not

    Hello guys, Need some advice I have to get labs but am not due till the end of January. Here is my protocol 100mg of cyp twice a week, 400ius of hcg three times a week and .25mg of anastrozole a week. I am having no moring wood, no nocturnal wood, low libido and erections are bad. Here is my...
  20. Lancealot


    Hi all, I posted my latest labs in bloodwork section but wanted to post in this section on A-dex. Just wanted to share my experience with taking adex and how it affected my E levels according to bloodwork. Maybe it will help someone else that has questions. My doc wanted me more in range on the...
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