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  1. O

    DHEA + AI only protocol?

    Hello all, DHEA is bottom of range and I would like to bring it up. Problem is, it makes me lose wood at rather low doses from 10mg up. I am not on TRT and having weak adrenals. DHEA above 5mg does only work in combination with HC. My working theory is that DHEA increases estrogens and that's...
  2. S

    The best method of dialling in Aromasin dosage

    Dialling in your AI dosage can feel a bit like walking a tight rope, especially with Aromasin as crashing your E2 with it is more unforgiving than with Arimidex due to Aromasin's suicidal nature. A study Pharmacokinetics and Dose Finding of a Potent Aromatase Inhibitor, Aromasin (Exemestane)...
  3. O

    Hcg and AI timing

    When is the best to inject HCG? Day before, day of test shot or day after? Also is it best take anastrozale day after test shot?
  4. B

    My solution for high estrogen after years of troubleshooting

    This is a bit wordy but I want to share what is working for me take get estrogen under control. I've been on TRT for over 6 years and estrogen has been my challenge. If you have battled this issue while on TRT, maybe this will work for you. And maybe I'm a slow learner and most of solving the...
  5. M

    High Estrogen Side Effects Help

    Hey guys Im in my first 6 months of starting TRT. My T dropped down pretty low and was the reasoning I got on TRT. I take 120mg of Test Cyp a week. Two injections along with HCG. My issues started with my Estrogen going up. I feel amazing mentally, physically and have amazing workouts currently...
  6. O

    How can I drop TT and DHT by a lot and E2 by a little?

    Hey guys, I got some alarming labs back a few weeks ago and am trying to make the right adjustments to my dosing protocol. This is a long post, so I hope it doesn't get ignored. I would really appreciate some help and I'm trying to give you any info that you might need without forcing you to...
  7. K

    How does Thyroid hormone effect Estrogen and Aromatase?

    I have searched for the answer endlessly and only got conflicting reports . Does Thyroid hormone ( T4,t3) reduce Estrogen or raise it ? What is their effects on the aromatase enzyme ? Thank you . All seems very confusing and I think the TRT/testosterone community could benefit from the correct...
  8. S

    Hot flashes are unlikely to be a symptom of increasing or increased E2, and more likely to be a symptom of decreases in E2 levels or low E2.

    After reading up a ton of literature on Estrogen effects on males, there's really a whole bunch of realisations about how extremely useful it is in male function and consequently how misunderstood and mishandled it is by men or TRT clinics. I'm glad Nelson seems to have a much better...
  9. K

    D-chiro-inositol raises testosterone significantly

    This study confirms that D-chiro-inositol raises Testosterone significantly and lowers E2 and Estrone : Why is this not talked about anywhere ? Is there something wrong with the study ? Am I missing something ?
  10. T

    maybe AI isn't that bad?

    i started some other threads here, where HCG gave me awful mental symptoms, anxiety, insomnia etc, which happens about a week after starting it. i tried different doses, from 500iu 3x week, to 350iu 2x week - same results. for about a week I feel really good, libido is awesome (ok otherwise)...
  11. Pacman

    What is the timeline of how quick injectables and AIs affect us?

    For example, if I wanted to see if taking an AI would help with moodiness with my T shots, is it best to take an AI the same day, the day after, the day before? (Would it be better to use it as a "preventative" blocker?) Once you inject testosterone cypionate, do your T levels (and by...
  12. M

    Opinions on E2 management.

    On TRT for just over 4 years. Lately I've been part of a facebook group that also has a youtube channel: They are all things TRT, however a very strong theme of the group is that NOBODY needs an AI. EVER. So for the past 6 months or so I have not...
  13. B

    High e2 and shbg

    Hey guys new member here! So I finished up my clomid a little over a week ago and got bloods done. I know it was too soon, but I felt really shitty. Estradiol-Ultrasensative 56 (<or29 pg/ml) SHBG 54 (10-50 Nmol/L) Total test 1526 (250-1100) Free test 241 (35-155) I feel pretty shitty...
  14. D

    Considering "micro dosing" AI?

    Weekly shot test cyp(I know), was recommended 48hrs post inject to take.5mg anastrazole. I found I felt much better taking anastrazole about the same time as shot. As it is preventative only, this made sense as the T spiked the ai would alongside. This does leave E perhaps unattended after a...
  15. Nelson Vergel

    Nelson Vergel Talks About Nandrolone, hCG, Hormone Ratios, AI’s, and More

  16. C

    Mixing Anastrozole with water?

    I know mixing the anastrozole with vodka for more accurate dosing. My question is, can I mix the AI with regular water? or with a lower-proof alcohol beverage(rice wine)? As I don't have a liquor store open around me. Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks
  17. G

    Back to old regiment but T levels are through the roof

    Hi all, I posted a month ago about my trials an tribulations regarding my sweet spot was with high T 210mg/week and very low E < 5. only happy when estradiol is VERY low At that point I felt like conquering a small country over the weekend. Though my last nurse had approved it, my new nurse...
  18. F

    Does Anyone Feel Better on an AI?

    I know this topic has been beaten to death and with a little legwork, I am sure to find dozens of threads on this, so I apologize. But, like many here, I am still perplexed on why most forms of TRT I have tried cause side effects that outweigh the benefits. I have a ton of posts out there, but...
  19. M

    Anyone used/using calcium d glucarate for estrogen control?

    I've been reading a lot of good things lately about calcium d glucarate particularly in it's effectiveness of estrogen control. Just wondering if anyone on here has used it and can share their thoughts on it?
  20. S

    Empower .125 Anastrozole - Tablets?

    Been a while since I’ve gotten this product from them. Last time they were capsules. Just received some and they’re little round light green tablets with a split mark in the middle. That sound right? I can call in the morning but had planned on taking one tonight.
  21. S

    E2: what is "high" and "low"

    I see so many threads saying "if my E2 is too high or too low I get <x> symptom" but no numbers that show what that really is. My current routine, as an example, is 140 of T per week, injected once and 1mg of AI, once a week. It puts me at 980 at the low (day before shot) for T, and E2 of around...
  22. S

    Trt issues

    I started trt on Dec 30th 2020. I do 100mg of test weekly split into mon, wed, Fri injections. I take. .125mg of ai on mon, wed, Fri I'm wondering when I should take my ai. I can't get into the Dr's until March 1st so I'm asking you guys. I'm currently taking too much ai but wondering what days...
  23. C

    High E2 on latest labs

    Looking for some advice please. Current Protocol 100mg 2x weekly 500iu HCG 2x weekly No AI (Discontinued. It was 1mg 2x weekly and I felt it gave me mood swings) Latest Labs Total Testosterone >1500 E2 69pg/mL Notes: I'm not sure if the E2 test was sensitive or not, the labs don't show...
  24. Fernando Almaguer

    AI decreasing acne, drying it out at least some

    Ok, now I am not crazy.. lol but acne seems to lessen if I take some sort of AI. When I do not for a while I get very angry cystic acne on shoulders and lats and upper back. What gives here?
  25. U

    I found a TRT protocol that works

    So after trying injections for 2.5 years I went back to testosterone pellets. I'm one week in and my libido is already coming back strong. I started on pellets 6 years ago and stayed on them for 3 years and they always worked great. I stopped them because every now and then I'd have one that...
  26. Pacman

    Finding the right AI dosage

    So long story short, I have been for years without an AI. When I started taking them (1-2 a week @ 0.125 mg/pill) my sex drive got better. I had no idea I had an issue to begin with even with the blood tests with high estradiol due to the fact that I thought I felt fine (and my doctor said...
  27. Alectrify

    Young Guy on TRT 4 year update

    Hello all, This is my 4 year update on what has been a very long and serious last few years. I’ve posted on here before awhile back while I was on 2nd year of Clomid monotherapy, but I couldn’t remember credentials to get back to that account. Nevertheless, here I am and I promise to remain...
  28. M

    Almost two to 3 month no ai, I feel great

    I just wanted to share my experience, when I started I was against not taking ai and used to take micro dose specially after I saw the high estrogen symptoms. With time I stopped ai initially I had some symptoms which seem to fade as my body get used to 100mg once weekly. I am almost 2 or3...
  29. Robotics

    E2 Sweetspot - Larger Erection Than Normal?

    Yesterday i took my AI and Cialis 2 hours before sexual activity and had an erection that i would describe as larger than normal. I have done so before (take cialis daily and ai eod) but have not had the same results. The next day i took cialis and did not have the same large erection Is this...
  30. J

    Clomid with an AI

    Been lurking for a few months here, and finally have spoken with a doc and have had some labs done. Due to my interest in remaining fertile for one more kid, and my current inability to do so, the doc has suggested I start out with Clomid. The basic treatment is: Clomid 12.5 mg po q day X 6...
  31. J

    I Have a prolactinoma

    I recently had an mri because of an elevated prolactin level on blood work. There is a small mass on my pituitary gland. Im bringing this up on this forum because over the last few years there has been a backlash against ai's. There actually is some research showing elevated estrogen causing...
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