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  1. J

    lowering E2

    After stable dosing for over a year, my E2 crept up over 130 (usually 50) and resulted in ED but no other symptoms. After reducing my T dose by a third from 180 to 120, I am still maintaining Total T of 1200 and Free T of 400, but my E2 was still 101. I started on 0.5 Anastrazole Mon and Th...
  2. E

    ED and AI

    greeting! I abused AI for a long time because I thought e2 was evil. Every time I would see an “elevated” e2 on a lab test, which was not lc / ms / ms but an immune assay, I would immediately raise my AI dose and have been suffering from erectile dysfunction ever since. I am currently on 200mg...
  3. N

    When to take Anastrozole

    Hey Guys I have had high E2 through my TRT duration (5 years) and have had difficulty managing. I also have high SHBG. Latest BT = Estradiol- 59 SHBG - 127 T -1200-1500 I went off anastrozole for 6 months but starting back. My typical protocol is : 55 mg test cyp 2x/week HCG 2x/week I have...
  4. G

    How long does it take for estradiol to go up after stopping anastrozole?

    After stopping anastrazole. how long before E2 goes up?
  5. D

    AI or not?

    Hi everyone. I am set to begin TRT and meds should arrive soon. I was prescribed 150/wk test cyp, along with HGC and .125mg Arimidex when I inject test (3 times a week). My E2 was 44. Doc recommended the AI even after I voiced concerns based on things I've read here. The reasons for AI is high...
  6. Y

    Anyone use Chrysin as an AI?

    Great site and forum for dosing and experience on Anastrozole - Arimidex, but there are quite a few side effects for some. Does anyone have any experience using Chrysin to manage and dial E into balance? dosing, any broscience experiences welcome. FYI- The NCBI study using urinary...
  7. G

    Anastrozole timing.

    I am moving from pellets to injections. If I need to take anastrozol, after testing, should I take it on the same day as my injection or the next day
  8. joshmaximus


    Was wondering if anyone had feedback or us using arimistane rather than anastrozole in their try protocol? Any info good or bad would be appreciated..
  9. J

    New thoughts on AI

    I was curious if you all have seen some of the latest research, and doctors on YouTube, other forums Etc. advocating to not block estradiol i.e. do not take an AI – and that it is more beneficial and causes no harm to let estrogen reach its own level when on testosterone supplementation. Have...
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