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    Possible Estrogen Crash? No Feeling From 200mg Injection Anymore?

    I will try to keep things short...
    About 6-7weeks ago I was reviewing my labs with my doc. Labs were taken day of weekly shot of 200mg before injection. .25 arimidex 2-3x per week.
    Total T - 1048 ng/dl (264-916)
    Free T - 23.8 pg/ml (9.5-25.5)
    DHEA 228 ug/dl (138-475)
    LH <0.2 mIU/ml (1.7-8.6)
    Estradiol Sensitive 18.3 pg/ml (8-35)
    SHBG 29 nmol/l (16-55)

    Since my total was high the day of my injection, we lowered my dose to 120mg test cyp. per week and lowered arimidex to .25 1-2x per week. I would feel good the first 3 days after injection then below average.
    During the second week of this protocol my old symptoms were coming back. I accidentally took .5 arimidex the day of my 120mg injection and then donated a pint of blood two days later.
    Since then i have basically crashed and have had no libido, no morning wood, dry skin, anxiety, depression, dry lips so I know my e2 was way down. I assume the combo of lowered dose of test, accidental double dose of arimidex and donating blood all in the same week caused this crash.

    So now its been week two or three of dosing 200mg once a week with no arimidex at all. It feels like nothing is happening with this dose which is odd, very odd. A 200mg injection always ALWAYS made me feel the spike within 10-24 hours. That "all the symptoms are gone and feel like super man feeling" always came with a 200mg injection. And now, nothing. No high e2 symptoms (I have experienced those so I know when my body is high, bloating, night sweats, etc.)

    I assume my e2 crashed and thats why i dont feel the 200mg injection at all.

    What should I do to bring things back to normal?
    Any thoughts on what I should look out for or test for?
    Its been a couple of weeks with nothing, how much longer should I expect this to take to normalize?

    This is my first post, and its an odd subject, I hope this community can help!


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    Welcome Pauly,
    I'd go to discount labs and get a quick blood test. It's dirt cheap. You don't need the full package just buy what you need.

    You are only guessing without it and if you guess wrong your going to be more messed up.
    hth please let us know how its going.

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    stay the course with your 200mg once weekly shot and no arimidex. your body is readjusting you will get back to homeostasis.

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    With estradiol levels at 18.3 I wonder if you even need an AI. Personal I don't think your testosterone levels were too high. I would split the dose of T and inject every 3 1/2 days.
    If you're going to continue using an AI I would just lower your AI dose.
    I am not a medical practitioner. Any suggestions I provide are not medical recommendations and are just my opinions. Please consult with your physician on any matters concerning your health.

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