Very Low Iron and Ferritin

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So I have been on TRT for about 3 years.

38 year old Male...was suffering from fatigue/brain fog/high stress.
Test was 320 at the outset of this.

So I self administered 200 mg Test Cyp every 7 days for about 2 years.

I routinely gave blood to keep my HGB around 15...
That’s when I got my ferritin tested and it was around 15 iron on the other hand was within range.
So I took some internet advice to stop giving blood...and began taking a liquid iron supplement Floradix to get my numbers up.

I asked my General Practice doctor if she had any advice to raise my iron and got referred to a hemotologist.

Upon seeing the Hematologist my HGB was 17.3 she said that was the primary concern not the iron. They took out 3 pints over the next mon

Since then I have found a clinic that does it in office with monthly bloodwork

I attached two documents my iron and ferritin is tanked and now my RDW is raising to sky high level.

Do I need an iron infusion? Cause obviously I’m not absorbing what I do eat.


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