Testosterone Cream Applied to Scrotum?


Anyone using testosterone cream daily applied to the scrotum as their primary delivery method for TRT? Can you share some details such as dosage amount and how you are feeling including mood, libido, and energy? Also, are there any negative sides you are experiencing? Thanks
None that I can think of as the primary delivery system which is I believe Dr Nichols method of treatment. Only a few of us use the cream as an additive to our injection therapy to specifically treat a continued low DHT condition.


I am using this method. 3 clicks per day. Just switched from all Scrotum to 2 shoulders and 1 scrotum. Empower 200mg/l compounded cream. Feeling create initial 2 weeks now trying to adjust high T and E.

How are you doing?


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I am exclusively on cream, started 4 months ago through Defy. I started with 2 clicks down to 1 click daily. getting my first set of labs tomorrow since starting. I have experienced all the usual good things, good mood, libido is off the hook, lifts are good and recovery is great. I do have some water retaining issues, its not horrible but its definitely there, seems worse when i have a couple glasses of wine or a beer or 2. Overall I'm very happy so far, I will report more when I get my labs back.

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