testosterone cream protocol

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    Hydrogel testosterone cream

    I'm with a telemed in Florida and been on the testosterone cream from Revive Pharmacy . 2 clicks in AM two clicks pm. I started off feeling great but here recently I've been having antiexty , panic attacks and don't feel myself. I had my bloods pulled couple weeks ago and both my testosterone...
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    felt worse on testosterone

    Is it possible to feel worse on testosterone? I started taking a testosterone cream, at a fairly low dose, but seemed to notice an increase in anxiety and brain fog. I had taken testosterone years ago and do not recall this happening. Has anyone ever had adverse effects when starting...
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    Switching From Cream to Injectable T (subQ)

    I am making the switch from cream to injectable T cypionate. I started with cream because I thought it would be more convenient; however, I’ve become convinced it is actually less convenient, as you have to wait for it to dry and plan shower/swim/workout/sex times around it (two times a day, at...
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    Empower’s 200mg/ml T cream is equivalent to what injection dosage?

    Sorry for the newbie question but can someone tell me with Empower’s 200mg/ml cream doing 2 clicks twice per day (scrotal application) is equivalent to how much of the same injection dosage?
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    Testosterone Cream Applied to Scrotum?

    Anyone using testosterone cream daily applied to the scrotum as their primary delivery method for TRT? Can you share some details such as dosage amount and how you are feeling including mood, libido, and energy? Also, are there any negative sides you are experiencing? Thanks
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    Successful Story with Testosterone Cream Protocol

    To all members: Below is an overview of my history, and TRT cream protocol that I found most effective for myself and others I am a 55-year-old business owner who has always exercised, eat healthy foods, and tried to stay on the path of wellness. For the last ten years or so, I've noticed a...
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