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  1. T

    NP Labs 20% Cream

    I got the 20% testosterone cream by NP labs. I was told to use one click and apply it on my arm (wrist to upper arm). However, I'm reading that a lot of people use it on the scrotum. What would you suggest? Anything that works better? Also, is one click daily in the beginning enough?
  2. S

    Penis and scrotum suddenly so tight it's hard to pee

    Hey all, I don’t come by here much these days as my protocol has been pretty spot on. 154mg T cyp a week, EOD when I travel for long periods, and ED when I’m at home. Haven’t needed Cialis in forever, and the lady is quite happy. Recently (like in the last couple of weeks), my scrotum has...
  3. T

    Testosterone gel for the balls

    If anybody's wondering whether this can be done without burning.. I've tried pouring a thin layer of testosterone gel onto aluminum paper, let it stay out for around.. 2-3 hours, then apply to the balls. The idea is to let some of the ethanol evaporate. And why I do this.. I can't get the...
  4. Gianluca

    Pregnenolone Cream scrotum feedback

    I would like to hear any experiences, in applying Pregnenolone cream on the scrotum vs other body parts, did the scrotum application improve your anxiety better?calmness? thanks
  5. D

    What makes scrotum application convert more into DHT?

    For transdermal testosterone, what exactly is the reason scrotum application results in much higher DHT conversion than other areas? Is it JUST because of the higher absorption rate of the scrotum skin? Does testosterone absorbing/interacting with the testicles have anything to do with it?
  6. chris@

    Update: Scrotal Application Compounded cream - Test results

    I have been on 150mg of compounded cream applied daily (to my shoulders since Feb of 2019. Previous to that I was on an initial dosage of 50mg and it crashed me pretty hard. My doc increased my prescription at that time to 150MG. I wasn't getting the test results or feeling of improved health...
  7. Rnov8tr

    Would injecting T into scrotum increase DHT?

    Hey Everyone, Don't laugh I'm seriously asking! (I use 1/2" 30g insulin syringes, which don't hurt at all btw......) If Test cream on the sack seems to work a miracle for so many guys' libidos and erection quality then would injecting into the scrotum do the same? Apparently the increase in...
  8. A

    Scrotal Transdermal Testosterone Cream

    Any guys having luck with testosterone cream applied to the scrotum? I was just prescribed 20% testosterone cream, 100 mg to be applied to scrotum every morning in addition to my Test C 50 mg subQ twice/week to help out with my libido. My DHT was 56 no/dl (30-85). After the fourth day I do feel...
  9. Z

    Test on scrotum???

    I have been reading a lot of guys who say they are on injections but also do the cream on their scrotums. I was just wondering why essentially?
  10. Nelson Vergel

    Rejuvenation of the Scrotum

    Dermatol Ther (Heidelb). 2018 Nov 26. doi: 10.1007/s13555-018-0272-z. [Epub ahead of print] A Case Report of Scrotal Rejuvenation: Laser Treatment of Angiokeratomas of the Scrotum. Abstract Scrotal rejuvenation encompasses not only the functional quality but also the aesthetic appearance of...
  11. J

    Testosterone Cream Applied to Scrotum?

    Anyone using testosterone cream daily applied to the scrotum as their primary delivery method for TRT? Can you share some details such as dosage amount and how you are feeling including mood, libido, and energy? Also, are there any negative sides you are experiencing? Thanks
  12. I

    Painfully tight scrotum

    Does anyone else have the problem of their scrotum constantly staying so tight, due to the dartos muscles, that it is painful? Before starting TRT and nandrolone, my scrotum hung loose unless I got into cold water. Now the only time the muscles relax is when I apply a heating pad to my...
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