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Hi to all, Is there anyone using Nebido in the UK? We are doing a research about this drug and need to talk to guys with experience on it. Please, read all the details in the link provided. There is an incentive of 540£ for 2 hours face to face interview plus 30 min pre-task.

Help me to understand the use of this drug in the UK so we can introduce plans to improve it... your voice is crucial!

Thanks in advance

19-474 Nebido
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Evolucionar , usted esta en Nebido , con que frecuencia , cuanto tiempo hace , algun efecto secundario?
Hi- I am not in Nebido- I am doing a research about it- I cannot advise you as I am not trained as a doctor...i do suggest you check with other guys on it or talk to a medical trained doctor about it.
Quiza se refiera a que bayer cambie las directrices de su protocolo o frecuencia de inyeccion , creo que apunta a eso cuando dice mejorar , pienso.