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@Gman86 I'm interested in trying what you are doing. Did they make the nandrolone a permanent part of your protocol to run year round?

Ya it was permanent if I wanted to stay on it. I was on it for around 8 months. Overall it was a pretty good experience. I’m currently on 200mg of testosterone by itself.


Interesting. I think I may give it a whirl. Why did you quit and go back to Test?

A few reasons made me go back to test only. Erections were a 10/10 on the nandrolone based protocol, but libido was like a 6/10. It was definitely there when I needed to have a libido tho. It would kick in like it should when I was with a girl. But when I wasn’t with a girl, it was probably around a 6/10. So thought maybe going back to test only would boost it back up to where I like it. I also did a bunch of research on DHT, and how it’s important for the brain, so was a little concerned about nandrolone only converting into DHN, and the low dose testosterone I was also on not producing enough DHT. And lastly, I conceived my first child around March 2019, while on testosterone and hcg. I had been on HRT for about 6 years at that point. I want to try and have more children, and figured there’s a really good chance I can conceive again on a testosterone based protocol, like I did before, but wasn’t sure if it would be more difficult or not on the nandrolone based protocol. The chances of me conceiving on that protocol with HCG might be the same as a testosterone based protocol with HCG, but just didn’t want to chance things.

Been on testosterone only for about 3.5 months now, and feel about the same as I did on the nandrolone based protocol. Libido is the same, and erections are still great. Everything else is also about the same. So the slightly lower libido must be due to some other factor(s). Overall I would definitely recommend a nandrolone based protocol, especially for guys that have E2 issues and don’t want to use an ai, and for guys that are worried about hair loss.


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Can you post your before and after cholesterol panel. I would be interested in seeing it.
I included the last couple of years...those triglycerides though :) The other strange least I thought, my BP dropped on ND. I am about to restart ND for, I think, the third time. One last time...maybe. That was the only change for that final blood test. For the other two blood tests, I was on T and an AI.


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