Low DHEA-S, in-range Testosterone/E2 levels

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Hi all.

I had these blood results taken earlier this year. I have a few questions, primarily around my very low DHEA-S levels. For context, I am a 27 year old male.

Follow up questions, are my testosterone levels alongside my estradiol readings any cause for concern?

For those who cannot see the document:
  • DHEA-S level is 2.7umol/L while the reference is 4.6-16.1
  • Free Testosterone is 501 pmol/L with reference 180-739
  • Estradiol 124pmol/L with reference 40-161
The only supplement/drug of note I’ve previously taken is MK-677 for a shoulder injury over lockdown. I do drink coffee (everyday) and chew nicotine gum (periods on and off for weeks at a time each).

I am open to seeing an endocrinologist, but am not convinced by doctors in my area. If you have any telemedicine options that are legally allowed to service international patients, that would be great too.

Thanks for any help!


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