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Has anyone used Aromatase Inhibitor for long time? I would like to know whats your thought on this? What are the side effects. It would be helpful if there is no serious side effects for low shbg guys.
FYI: I am on low TRT dosage and I am trying to avoid AI but just wondering if anybody is using AI successfully for long time.


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There are ways to lower estrogen without the use of AI’s.

my opinion...and only my opinion...take Only what you absolutely need to to get the results you need.

Who knows what the long term use of anything may be? But I try to limit what I put in my body.


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I’ve been on trt now for about 3 months and Hcg as well. My estrogen did go up so I took a quarter of a pill once a week and it worked really well so my dr actually said to take a quarter every two weeks. I haven’t had any side effects at all from it. As far as long term use I’d also be curious to see how others are feeling with it.


Right now, i am on lowest dosage possible.
I am taking 200iu HCG EOD and 10mg testosterone EOD. I havent got tested and waiting for atleast 2 weeks to pass. My only side effects is high resting heart beat. Always 80-90 per minute. I usually used to have 60. Looks like its estrogen thats causing heart beat.

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