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I'm am currently on 35mg of test cypionate. Yes... 35mg.lol I currently take 10mg EOD.

I've been on TRT for 84 days. My old doctor started me too hight despite having tried TRT 5 years ago with bad results. So I have been titrating down to stop the MAJOR side effects that lead me to the ER and urgent care (heart flutters, high pulse, chest pains, extreme anxiety and high blood pressure... around 195/105 at its worse).

I've been on my current protocol for about 5 weeks. I was on a daily protocol at first but I discovered that my body needed a rest day to clear the ester.

Even on this low dose I still deal with 'dirty energy' that only allows me to sleep 4 or 5 hours a day. I'm not sure if its cortisol or the testosterone.

I was also diagnosed with sleep apnea and I recently got on a CPAP so I can download my sleeping habits every morning to see how I did....

I still trying to fix my circadian rhythm so I can get to sleep earlier... I typically get 4-5 hours of real sleep and then I wake up with all of this 'dirty energy' which makes me feel cracked out all morning. I need more sleep and I don't want to keep stacking drugs.... and I follow all the 'sleep hygiene' protocols. I was using melatonin and it screwed up my circadian rhythm.

Fun fact... most sleeping pills and drugs like Xanax cause sleep apnea which will ultimately make a guy feel worse. There is a difference between sedation and sleep. I found out by using the data on the CPAP.

I have been SLOWLY tapering off opiates after 15 years of use for my back.Opiates alone can suppress your testosterone by 90%.... add in the sleep apnea, overweight and poor diet.... No wonder my testosterone is destroyed. The good news is that I started keto 6 weeks ago... I'm fat adapted. I'm loosing weight and this time next year I will be off the opiates.... so I am hoping that my natural testosterone levels will come back.

I am on thin ice with my job since I been trying to figure out all of these medical issues sense getting really sick with Covid. So I am trying to put a bandaid on this thing for about 6 months to a year so I can finish this big job that I am on.... I'm nervous about making any big moves due to my sensitivity.

At this point I just need more sleep... but I want to try to restore my natural levels when I am off the opiates next year and I want to have children. I'm scared about adding HCG because I hear it causes a lot of anxiety. I'm thinking about a different ester.... I really don't know what to do at this point.

I have my appointment with my new TRT doctor at Defy on December 14th....

Defy Medical TRT clinic doctor
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