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  1. I

    Cool hack to x10 your Ferritin in 5-7 days :)

    I'm not sure why nobody talks about this, and I could only find a study replicating these results in pigs :) Anyway, a 5-7 day fast will result in a lasting increase in Ferritin due to the recycled iron in the body, no supplements, no blood donation madness, nothing, just don't eat for a week...
  2. B

    I got my blood work...

    I'm am currently on 35mg of test cypionate. Yes... I currently take 10mg EOD. I've been on TRT for 84 days. My old doctor started me too hight despite having tried TRT 5 years ago with bad results. So I have been titrating down to stop the MAJOR side effects that lead me to the ER...
  3. BigTex

    Tested my son for testosterone

    OK, this guy is 26 years old and had to move back home with Mom and Dad to take a new road in life. He has been very depressed and my wife and I taked him into doing some blood work. He did the following: Standard Lipid Panel - all was normal even considering he ate before he went and they...
  4. R

    What external factors affect levels while on trt?

    I have bloodwork coming up, and I want to confirm something. As far as I understand, nothing should affect my total. Sleep, sex, exercise, etc. should not come into play. I just want to confirm that, because I still come across a post here and there where someone will point to one of these...
  5. J

    Help With Recent Bloodwork Results on TRT/ HcG

    Hello- 51 yo male here, been on TRT for several years using Cypionate, recently added HcG in past year for testicular atrophy. I currently follow this protocol: Test Cyp 50 mg combined with HcG 500 units both drawn up for 1 ml. total in a 29ga 1/2" syringe injected into shoulder area on M/Th...
  6. R

    Could my total T drop 795 points in 5 days?

    Aug 4: total 1343 (264-916) free 22.3 (7.2-24.0) E2 46.4 (7.6-42.6) Aug 9: total 548 free 9.0 E2 <5 Same lab co. but different lab location, same time of day. Both fasting. I can give all kinds of details once I find out if these results are humanly possible. For now I'll...
  7. A

    Question about Free Testosterone tests

    My Dr typically orders the Free Testosterone (Direct Test), which Ive been told is inaccurate. I was prescribed 100 mg Every 3.5 days and my reading was: Free Testosterone(Direct) = 28.3 pg/mL (9.3-26.5). so slightly high. After posting on here, I was informed that Dialasys test was much...
  8. A

    Does Cutting weight/achieving low body fat effect Hormone levels when on TRT?

    I know lowering body fat and caloric deficits can diminish hormone production in those who are natural, but how does it effect those who are on TRT? We all know that higher body fat leads to more aromatization, Has anyone decreased their body fat and successful gotten E2 under control without an...
  9. A

    Doc started me on HCG Mono - low SHBG

    ]My Family Doc is ready to offer me TRT but I was hesitant given my age (32). He said we could try a round of HCG Mono to "jump start" my system. I just finished my second week of HCG - 1,000 its every 72 hours. I've been experiencing low T symptoms since my early 20s - biggest symptom being...
  10. I

    Blood work and food

    Hi, If i am on TRT should i check my hormone levels (estradiol, testosterone etc) on an empty stomach or it doesn't matter and i don't have to be fasting some time before blood work? Thanks guys.
  11. P

    New Blood Work Labs

    Just got my labs back from Discounted Labs. A bit about me: 53 years old...6'0"...175 lbs. I inject 70 mg test cyp every 3 days...started subq two weeks ago...HCG (I draw up to the 15 mark on a 1 ml syringe) every 3 days...Ipamorelin/CJC-1295...200 mcg daily before bed. I drink four mixed...
  12. J

    Testosterone Blood Work "Calculated Method"

    Hello, Got my blood test done using the calculated method to see what that test looked liked for me. Here are the results: Total Testosterone: 752 ( 250-1100 ) Free Testosterone: 86 ( 45-200 ) Bioavailable: 172 ( 110-275 ) I do not think they tested for SHBG but its probably high like always...
  13. C

    4-5 months off everything log

    Hey guys, So I have been off testosterone cypionate since October 2018 and stopped Clomid on December 2018. Since coming off my Testosterone my levels were 450-500 on Clomid, now completely off everything they are down to 150 taken in the AM. Obviously my restart didn’t seem to work and At this...
  14. N

    Pct results, need some advice

    Test 316 ngl Estradiol 25.5 Free test 12.8 LH 7.7 FSH 5.3 I used steroids for about 8 months a year ago, didn’t do blood work before and didn’t use any PCT. At the end I got really bad folliculites and just stopped completely. In about 4 months that cleared up and about 7 months ago I got hit...
  15. J

    Defy vs insurance

    Would it just be cheaper just going straight with defy using thier discounted prices for blood work or would be cheaper to see if you’re insurance covered it?
  16. R

    Blood work. Asking for opinions

    Greetings. Before i start i wanna say that this is definitely the best i felt on TRT so far. Good erections, good libido. I am still waiting for SHBG, Free Testosterone, Albumin. I will update when i will have them. Total testosterone: 40.78 nmol/L (range: 4.94-32.01) Estradiol: 41.07 pg/ml...
  17. R

    Time of day to do the blood work when on trt

    Hi. Does the time of day when you do the blood work matters at all when you're on TRT? I am injecting e3d somewhere around 8 p.m, so to see me at my worst i should do the blood work somewhere around that hour which is pretty late. So, the question is, can i do the blood work of testosterone...
  18. M

    Blood Test At Seven Weeks After Starting TRT On March 5th 2018

    I began TRT on Monday, March 5th of this year with a shot of 200mg of testosterone cypionate. One week later a blood test was done, the results of which I posted here. This past Monday, April 23rd, I had another blood test done at seven weeks. This time they tested for SHGB which you guys here...
  19. T

    New Labs Please Comment

    Hey everyone! I've been on my current protocol since June of 2017. I had bloodwork in between these most recent labs which didn't include the sensitive E2 test. My estrogen using the regular E2 test was similar to what is now. I don't have any overwhelming estrogen side effects but I've...
  20. A

    Bloodwork -High estradiol - TRT protocol questions

    Howdy! I'm a 29 year old male from Spain. I'm a healthy adult that has been weight lifting for the past 10+years and eating clean. I'm 183cm, around 90kg and 15-17%bf. Despite my healthy eating habits and training I'v been having some libido problems lately and finding it hard to loose bf. I'm...
  21. J

    First Follow-Up Blood Work Since Starting TRT

    I got my first follow-up blood work since starting TRT on March 15th and would appreciate any thoughts/insights. To get an idea of where I started see posts #43, #44, and #61 in: My protocol...
  22. J

    AST and ALT Elevated Since Starting TRT - Is This Unusual?

    I have been on TRT for 8 weeks now and due to have my follow-up labs at week 12. However, last week I was able to get some labs completed and all looked good except for ALT and AST are now high, out of range. In all my prior blood work AST and ALT have always been in range. The only thing I am...
  23. J

    Split dose (2x weekly) and blood draw timing

    About 4 weeks ago I went to 2x weekly split dose of Cyp. My doctor told me to always inject weekly so he can test at the trough. He does not know I am doing 2x weekly (50%). When I was on .75mls/150mg per week I was finding I would feel crummy by the 5th day. After splitting the dose I feel more...
  24. C

    Pre TRT labs from Defy - anything stand out that I should dig into before Apt

    Hey everyone. I have more lab results (pre TRT) that were ordered by defy (I haven't had my appointment yet). Does anything jump out as being more complicated than just low-T and needing TRT (I'm apprehensive)? My DHEA looks low. My TSH high-ish (and has been higher). I also tested...
  25. C

    This is my second blood test. I think I know the next step. Can some others please take a look? :)

    Hey guys Firstly please note: I'm having this blood work done in Thailand so the unit of measurement might be different than in the states. And I did not have access to a "sensitive" e2 test. Only regular :). I do not have access to any type of men's health clinic here in Thailand, but I have...
  26. B

    Blood work: Low Pregnenolone with HCG

  27. E

    Shout out to Discounted Labs!

    My compliments to Discounted Labs and everyone working there - they turned around my latest blood work in 24 hours! I did not even think that was possible. Had a draw on Monday around noon (Pacific Time) and had my results in my in-box on Tuesday!
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  30. G

    Blood work results after 6 weeks of TRT

    Dear all, I have just received the results of my bloodwork after 6 weeks of TRT. Please note that during this period my protocol was as follows: Testosterone Cypionate: 100mg per week split in 3 injections: 30cc 30cc 40cc (Mon-Wed-Fri) HCG: 500IU per week split in 2 injections of 250IU...
  31. Nelson Vergel

    Lab Tests: What Do They Mean?

    Lab Tests: What Do They Mean?
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