HCG & HMG - Same syringe?

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Johnny Test

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Hey all. Can you mix HCG & HMG in the same syringe? So in other words, if I want to take HCG and HMG three times a week, can I do three total shots instead of six? I never thought about adding them in the same shot? And if an option, could I pre-load a few for the week? Thanks in advance.
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Johnny Test

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Also side topic. Maybe I should make a new thread. Can I take HCG, HMG, and Clomid together for the best chance of fertility? I’d like to come out the gate with the strongest option available. Not F’ing around seeing if this or that works. I’m on HCG and HMG now and have thought about topping the protocol off with daily Clomid too. Thoughts?


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Could be ok since pharmacies make compounded recombinant solutions mixed with both but can't say for sure if your reconstituted versions will/won't interact with each other - might be safer to just take each separately.

I get it would be lot more efficient doing this stuff every day/other day - Anyone else know?


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Should be fine in the same syringe with immediate injections. I haven't heard of any interactions, so it's probably ok to have them mixed longer. However, I wouldn't preload syringes for other than same-day use, and I would keep them cool. For convenience one could merge the source vials into one, with appropriate relative amounts. Then you don't have to fuss with drawing twice with the same syringe and further blunting the needle.
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