Do you bring your supps on vacation?

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I realize this isn’t a very important issue. I was just curious what others do. I do not take my supps with me on long weekends or even a week vacation. I obviously bring any rx I have, but it seems too cumbersome to bring all the supps I take. Any thoughts?


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I have old 35mm film canisters that I label for each day of the week, I have a total of 9.

It's not hard to take them with me, though I don't always do so.

In the last 4 years I haven't taken long vacations, though I used to take 4-6 week vacations, that was more tricky. I haven't had to decide what to do about that.

I don't really need to take any RX / supps with me, though I should take eye drops for glaucoma on a regular basis, so I do take those. Nebido is good for 90 days, so that isn't an issue either.

Now I take a light dose of T3 5 mcg/T4 25 mcg, I am sure I could get along without those either.
I just take cialis with me.
I leave the supps in the belief that I'll do fine for a week or two without them, plus the tiny hormetic stress response of stopping them might be good for me.
I already have plans on to go to Honolulu next May 9th -May16 and plan on taking all supplements with me. I'm iron, potassium, vitamin D and newly discovered severely vitamin C deficient so it wouldn't be much of a vacation if I left home without my supplements.

My B12 is low normal and probably need to upgrade to a tackle box like Nelson because the supplement count keeps increasing.

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By rx I was referring to the Tcyp and cialis
When I travel for three months my problem isn’t carrying my T Cypionate but my pharmacist honoring a three month supply of the same. I’m in Mexico now for a month and traveled with my T Cypionate and HCG . No problems with the TSA whatsoever. I have traveled with t Cypionate various times before and Cialis too. Never a problem. HCG was my first time and I was a tad worried but all went fine.