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  1. Nashtide

    Do you bring your supps on vacation?

    I realize this isn’t a very important issue. I was just curious what others do. I do not take my supps with me on long weekends or even a week vacation. I obviously bring any rx I have, but it seems too cumbersome to bring all the supps I take. Any thoughts?
  2. Nashtide

    E2 and blood pressure?

    I discontinued the use of anastrazole about three months ago. I was taking a very small dose, less than 0.3mg per week. This was keeping my E2 around 25. Now my E2 is around 45. I haven’t changed anything else. Here’s the strange thing, my blood pressure has dropped significantly. I was always...
  3. Nashtide

    How often to test SHBG?

    I recently switched protocol from E3.5D to EOD, so I will run labs after about 6-8 weeks. I generally only test T and E2. The last time I ran SHBG was about 6 months ago. I will test it again if necessary, but would rather not spend the $ if it’s unnecessary. Thanks and God bless America!
  4. Nashtide

    Best tasting vanilla protein powder?

    I’m looking for a high quality low carb delicious vanilla protein powder. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  5. Nashtide

    Switching protocol help.

    I currently inject 50mg of Tcyp E3D. If I want to try EOD protocol, how much do I inject to approximate 100mg/week?
  6. Nashtide

    New labs are in

    I just received my new lab results. I only tested TT, FT and E2 this time. My protocol is 50mg Tcyp E3D. 250 iu hcg M and F. No AI. TT 899 with upper range of 1100 FT 116 with upper range of 155 E2 41 with upper range of 29 I’m very happy with these results. They are trough levels. I feel...
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