Considering TRT for Accutane related hormonal changes

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I wonder hey I have theae symptoms with a testosterone of 550.
Your free T, the most potent form of T is below mid-range.
Could be low DHT due to Accutane.
Using DHT blockers can have unintended consequences and mess with hormonal pathways. When you partially block DHT, the body now sends T down another pathway and now permanent changes are, may be irreversible in some cases.

The same thing happens to those using an aromatase inhibitor, Free T increases in older men using AI's as a result of partially blocking the conversion of T->estrogen.

In cases of finasteride usage, some of the worst cases of PFS see a doubling or tripling of Total T, or estrogen and even SHBG with no change in DHT levels, yet the symptoms remain.

Accutane and Finasteride are endocrine disruptors. I think I read somewhere that Accutane and Finasteride may cause gene expression changes.
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Thanks man! My first bloodtest (natural) showed a TT of 374 and a FT of 248. My second bloodtest (natural) showed a TT of 550 (FT was measured but they didn't send it to me).

Last weeks I really felt lower than normal after trying to treat my condition. I started with HCG and then Clomid to kick start my HPA. Actually I fellt pretty good on the Clomid, downside was that it raised my libido a but made my erections weak.

Today I ws feeling low and took 12,5mg Clomid, I was feeling good in 30 minutes and had a very good day. Do you have any idea what's going on here?


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Yeah I noticed :), but why can I feel good so fast after feeling shit before on just one 1/2 dose. Do you think it’s testosterone or something else that’s going on.
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