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  1. A

    Started low dose accutane and my skin is clearer than ever/ I feel great. But my doctor wants to double my dose?…

    I'm 29 years old and 190 lbs and have dealt with cystic acne on my back for the past 10 years. Its hormonal acne from when I took pro hormones a decade ago and never recovered. I tried everything, and nothing has successfully cleared me up. I finally decided to pull the trigger and start...
  2. A

    Accutane while on TRT?

    Is it ill advised to take accutane while on TRT? Ive tried seriously nearly everything for back acne and no success. I know Accutane can mess with lipids so I was wondering: If I take a bout of accutane should I get off TRT? or stay on through the entirety of the accutane usage (7 months)?
  3. F

    Considering TRT for Accutane related hormonal changes

    Hi guys, I’m Frank from western Europe and I’m new on this forum. I hope you can share your ideas/experiences about HRT after Accutane. My story: I took Accutane in 1999 (40mg a day / 5 months). The drug greatly reduced my libido and gave me some mental issues like lower mood, anxiety and...
  4. R

    Acne on TRT - A low dose Accutane?

    Hello gents. I have annoying problems with acne on scalp and some on face too. Not horrible, but I keep getting it, for quite a while now and its really bumming me out at my age. About me. 47 yo. 120kg. about 15% bf...I think? I use 250mg Test E every week (high level, I know). Work out 4 days...
  5. V

    Are Accutane Side Effects Related to Similarities in Androgen Molecules?

    I copied these molecular formulas from PropeciaHelp. Accutane is one of the medicines that has long lasting side effects similar to low T, persistent after discontinuing the medication. Similar side effects and persistent nature brings these accurate victims to PH. Notice how isotretinoin...
  6. D

    Is it true there is no cure for post accutane?

    Hi, I have low SHBG, and have been on TRT for the past 5 years with very low success. If I feel good with energy and libido it is for a few hours/days, and then it fades. Since I have low SHBG, that was my first suspect, but after reading about post FPS and Accutane, I am afraid my issue is due...
  7. TestAdvocate

    Low Dose Accutane for TRT Acne

    Acne is so frustrating while on TRT! I'm thinking of trying "off label" therapy with Accutane - micro-dosing with just 10mg of generic accutane every other day. One of the problems I see is my "go to" overseas pharmacy (All Day Chemists and ReliableRX) do not carry generic accutane. Has...
  8. B

    accutane user, starting TRT

    Hi all, 24 y/o 6'1, 180lbs male who took accutane ages 15 - 18 on/off (mostly on). Started experiencing usual accutane sexual dysfunction issues at age 17ish, but didnt make the connection until after stopping accutane around age 18. symptoms include: low libido, little/no sexual sensation...
  9. F

    Where to Buy Accutane

    Help my cystic acne is back(after 10 years since I took Accutane prescribed by my old dermatologist)!! Anyone know if Dr Saya prescribes Accutane? If not anyone know a good website to buy Accutane? I don’t have insurance so need without Rx:confused: I’ll do my own labs
  10. Nelson Vergel

    Antidepressants, Propecia and Accutane Can Cause Permanent Sexual Dysfunction

    One hundred and twenty cases of enduring sexual dysfunction following treatment The International Journal of Risk and Safety in Medicine Issue Volume 26, Number 2 / 2014 Abstract BACKGROUND: There have been reports for over a decade linking serotonin reuptake inhibitors, finasteride...
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