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It is very difficult to know what supplements have been proven to work in clinical studies. In this video Nelson Vergel helps to demystify all supplement information.

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Nelson Vergel

Here are the specific brands and prices of supplements I take:

Jarrow Formulas L-Carnitine 500 mg, 100 Capsules

I take 1000 mg with breakfast and lunch (avoid late night) for energy, focus, and improved fat metabolism.

Jarrow Formulas - Zinc Balance, 15 mg, 100 capsules

One capsule at breakfast. Zinc deficiency can lower testosterone. Zinc is also a good modulator of excess DHT and estradiol. It is taken with copper since zinc lowers copper (we need copper for proper immune function). Warning: if your estradiol is too low, do not take it.

Nature's Best Zero Carb Isopure , Creamy Vanilla, 1-Pound

The best and lightest whey protein in the market. More expensive than others but you do not need a mixer since it mixes fast with water. It is a lot easy to digest and tolerate for some of us who may need milk protein intolerant. 30 grams per serving (one or twice per day as a snack after the gym and/or between breakfast/lunch of lunch/dinner. No need to mix it with fruit since it takes great alone. They also sell other flavors. If you get bloating or diarrhea, lower the dose.

Whammo SuperEnergy Caps - 90 - Capsule

Great natural energy formula with no caffeine or stimulants. One at breakfast and one with lunch. It may cause increased body temperature but that is the effect of the niacin in it.

Jarrow Formulas Sacharomyces Boulardii & MOS, 90 Capsules

For people with weak colons and who have trouble with soft feces. This formula has great probiotics that normalize gut function,digestion of nutrients, and pro-inflammatory processes. I take one with dinner.

Jarrow Formulas - N-A-C 500 mg 100 caps (Pack of 2)

Liver protector. Increases your body's own antioxidant (glutathione). Increases good cholesterol (HDL) that can be lowered by higher doses of testosterone. Improves immune and lung function. 1000 mg with breakfast.

NOW Foods Creatine Powder, 2.2 Pounds

Economical creatine. 5-10 grams 30 min before the gym with juice. Creatine is the most studied supplement for muscle growth. It increases intracellular water and strength. Lower your dose if bloating or diarrhea occur. Tell your doctor you are taking it since it may wrongly show that your kidney function has decreased (it is not clinically significant but tell your doctor anyway).

Kirkland Signature Omega-3 Fish Oil Concentrate, 400 Softgels, 1000 mg Fish Oil with 30% Omega-3s (300 mg)

If your triglycerides are high, Omega-3 fish oils may help decrease them. I do not take this for I hear good things and recommended by as the lowest cost Omega 3 supplement that passed tests.

Simply Right Co Q-10 200 mg Coenzyme Cardiovascular Antioxidant 120 Softgels

Coenzyme Q-10 improves energy, protects heart muscle and gums, and increases sperm motility. 1 capsule with breakfast or lunch.

Kirkland Signature Extra Strength Vitamin D3 2000 I.U. 600 Softgels, Bottle

Most people have low Vitamin D. This vitamin protects bone density and emerging studies show that it may affect many metabolic processes. 1 capsule with breakfast, lunch or dinner.

SAMe (if you have depression and/or extreme fatigue)

More information here: SAMe Improves Fatigue, Depression, and Protects the Liver

Pill Box

Not having to open bottles daily improves adherence.

500 CLEAR Reclosable Zipper Bag. 2'' x 2'' - 2 mil thick

These small zip lock bags can be used to take pills to work, etc

RESOURCES FOR SUPPLEMENT INFORMATION: (requires susbcription) They test supplements for purity. I used this resource to ensure that the above list meets promised ingredients list and quantity. (Free. The best site that summarizes all studies for each supplement. Highly recommended)

Labdoor (not yet validated but great concept)
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