51yr old have Testosterone, but hesitant to use

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Here is some advice from an old powerlifter.....you sir have had quite a few injuries from trying to be strong. I understand your needs but I would suggest that you accept that you did good and move on like your wife and kids suggested "I just need to lose weigh and get in good shape" These injuries will come back to haunt you when you are my age (65). You can still go to the gym and lift weight and be very muscular for your age without ever doing a 1 rep max again. You are walking enough steps to be considered in very good cardiorespiratory health. 10,000 per day is the goal for health and wellness. I would suggest that you do more of a metabolic type of training where you have short (1min) rest periods in the gym combined with maybe 5-10 sets of 12 reps for each muscle group. With your size, training intensely in the weight room for 60 minutes you can burn 755 calories. ExRx.net : Exercise Calories Burned Calculator
Now this, combined with a carbohydrate cycling diet can help you drop some body fat while keeping the muscle. Keeping the weight in the 60% of 1RM range can help avoid injuries and further wear and tear on the shoulders. You don't want to end up like I did with osteoarthritis in both shoulders by not knowing when to stop the heavy weight.

Please let your doctors know also that liver enzymes can greatly be affected by weight training and muscle mass. Find yourself a good TRT doctor. With your background in using steroids you are no doubt shut down. You will find that your can still lift very hard with doses of testosterone that fall in the TRT spectrum, which can vary from person to person.

Good luck!

I started lifting at no more than 60% of my max, reps between 8-15, and 1 to 1.5 min rest in between sets. I am also doing more sets. Wow, I sweat like a mother. Way more than doing the heavy 80-100% of max reps & 5 min. rest periods. I really don't want anymore injuries so I have to do it this new way you recommended. I am not 25yrs old anymore.
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