Weight Training Can Increase Liver Enzymes

Nelson Vergel

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I agree and can vouch for this as I’ve seen it happen on my own results multiples times when I workout the night before my labs. Usually it’s the AST that increases for me.


ALT will be increased significantly along with LDH. GGT is not affected. ALT has a longer half life in circulation and will take longer to return to baseline. Always have them run CK along with the LFTs. If all are elevated and it concerns the practitioner, then take 7 - 10 days off all resistance exercise or eccentric style movements (downhill running) and repeat everything. The decrease in CK should parallel the decreases in AST/ALT if it is muscle origin. My AST/ALT have been in the 80's - 100's for decades and CK around 2000. If I take a week off ALT/ALT are in the 50's and CK down to 1000. If I could handle 3 weeks off everything would be back to baseline.

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