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  1. T

    Trimix not working

    I used to use Trimix with good success. I stop using it for a while, but the next time I started using Trimix, it didn't work as well, even when I increased the dose. I did start taking some new herbs and vitamins. I was wondering if anybody knows of any herb or vitamin that can impact the...
  2. B

    Trimix Topical Gel? Anyone heard of this yet? Recently stumbled on this... Anyone know anything about it? Shockingly almost 0 info about it on google. EDIT: Looks like its not topical - but still a much better method of use...
  3. B

    Using TriMix WHILE already erect?

    Wondering if anyone has injected TriMix while they already had an erection? If so, how did it go?
  4. B

    Combining Trimix and Cialis report

    I tried TriMix a week or so ago for the first time. I was/am still afraid of it, so I started with only 3 units. And am VERY happy I did only 3 units because I “responded well” to that little amount. Back story for those who have not read my past posts, is I do it have a problem getting hard...
  5. D

    Side Effect Should Prompt New Research Spider venom may be the new Trimix.
  6. G

    trimix not working as well as it did

    Hi all Been using trimix silver for 10 years had to increase dose periodically up to .8, doc moved me to the trimix red and its doesnt seem to work as well. He advised starting at .4, im up to .5 And have mixed results. Sometimes it works great sometimes just ok. Also notice the tip of my penis...
  7. R

    Does trimix help with sensitivity

    I can have an erection but it won't feel so pleasurable during sex. I tried Viagra cialis but they don't help with sensitivity. They made it worse. Did anyone find that it helped with sensitivity where you're penis doesn't feel like your finger?
  8. W

    Trimix injections, Fusion back surgery and Eliquis

    Has anyone had any experience with Trimix injections while on Eliquis? Had a DVT following lumbar fusion (ALIF) and on Eliquis currently. While ED improved considerably after HOLEP (Sept 22), dealing with major back surgery recovery (March 23) has made the ED worse again. Hematologist wasn't...
  9. Jaydubbs

    Penile bruising with TRIMIX

    Injected Trimix today and got some nasty bruising for the first time. No pain, just a fairly large dark purple bruise. I have been taking extra L-citrulline. Maybe I hit the wrong spot, I did notice that the erection was not quite up to standard. I'm concerned about how long it will take for...
  10. Jaydubbs

    lyophilized Tri-mix sources

    Looking at upping my current tri-mix script and want to consider the lyophilized version. Seeking online sources, Does Olympia in particular offer this version? Others??? Thanks
  11. O

    Trimix Cocktail Recipes

    I regard Trimix as a miracle drug. It rescued my sex life from what could have been an endless cycle of performance anxiety and disappointment. Sure it's a nuisance to inject before sex. But for me it's been 100% effective. I'm 68 years old. Up until my early 60s, tadalafil (Cialis) was all I...
  12. Jaydubbs

    Trimix versus Quadmix??

    71 yo male, no other health issues, on 120mg Test Cyp twice week for last 18 months. I have been using Trimix successfully for about seven years. Up until last three months I'd say what used to be superhuman erections have become now like 90% (hard enough to work, but barely). I'll add that I...
  13. S

    How damaging are prolonger erections (2-4 hours)?

    I'm just wondering if 3-4 hour erections (without going soft once during that time) that leave your penis hurting even the day after cause any actual damage to the penis? I'm not talking about a priapism (6+ hour erections). Just a prolonged erection from using something like trimix. Can it...
  14. T

    Trimix vs bimix question

    I've used trimix for psychogenic, not organic ED, thus at very low doses with great results. My main issue is that it even at the lowest does required to get a solid erection, it lasts too long, close to 4 hours and requiring various measures to lose it. The last time, it went over and I needed...
  15. J

    Trimix with doxazosin or other alpha blockers

    Do alpha blockers potentiate the erections of trimix. Certain parts of the penis don’t engorge from trimix like glans. Anyone notice any differences with trimix when an alpha blocker is concurrently administered?
  16. L

    Trimix Users...How Often Do You Use?

    Hello everyone, been a lurker on the forums and finally registered. I wanted to reach out to all the Trimix users out there to see how often everyone uses it? Also what age you are, if you also use other ED meds for recreational sex? Have you found that once you went down the Trimix route...
  17. D

    How long does Trimix last for you?

    I'm 54, and when I get to a Trimix dosage that works consistently, which is between 5 and 5.5 units, I'm good for between 3 and 3.5 hours. I don't need 3.5 hours, though I have taken advantage of it occasionally for a 2nd round. But if I lower the dosage I get inconsistent results. I've read...
  18. D

    Trimix Dosage and Timing

  19. D

    Bacteriostatic Water for Trimix

    Just got some trimix from Empower and see they sent 30ml bottle of bacteriostatic static water with the 5ml bottle of powder but noticed also it contains 0.9% benzyl alcohol. I seemed to recall on the forum here somoned indicated that it was a problem with that ingredient. Can't find the post...
  20. Nelson Vergel

    A gay porn star talks about his journey with Trimix to penile implants

    Very honest videos about his journey from Trimix to penile implants. Please do not watch if you have problems with gay sex. Trimix Video Getting ready for a penis implant Any nasty comments will get people banned.
  21. Nelson Vergel

    Erectile Dysfunction and Low Libido- Causes and Treatments: Lecture by Nelson Vergel

    Nelson Vergel , author of "Testosterone: A Man's Guide" & founder of and, gives a lecture on the causes and treatments of erectile dysfunction and low libido including ED drugs, Trimix, and other FDA approved products in the United States.
  22. V

    Lumbar Spinal Stenosis and ED issues

    Currently I’m dealing with spinal stenosis in my L4-L5 and was diagnosed 3 years ago with it. made the necessary changes to keep my body healthy Flash forward to now and the herniated disc has lead to some issues with my bladder and low back as well as some sexual issues ( none consistent...
  23. R

    Does cabergoline improve ED? Why do body builders take it?

    Saw some info on it searching the net. Anyone taking it on the forum? Has it helped you in anyway?
  24. M

    Needle gauge and length for Trimix

    Been reading alot on trimix. ED drugs give me side effects and not very helpful. Why trimix...I'm on an ssri for 12 years now, I'm 67. And the ED is horrible. I think trimix would be an answer as is works directly. My question is what size insulin syringe are we talking about? I have 27 gauge...
  25. L

    Online trimix script

    Hey guys, What are the best options for getting an online script for Trimix? Defy wants you to get a physical. I'd like the simplest route possible. Apparently you can get a script written through Olympia pharmacy via telehealth physician. Has anyone done this? Any other options? Thanks.
  26. J

    Trimix : Why no more than 3 injections a week ?

    Why not 7 injections a week ? Or even twice a day. Chemicals are cleared within 8 hours maximum (half life papaverine 2 hours, phentolamine 20 minutes , aprostadil 10 minutes.) I have tested second injection 5 hours after first one. Same result as first injection
  27. J

    Trimix : have you experienced you have to lower the dosage after few first weeks ?

    I have started Trimix few weeks ago trying 0.05ml with NO effet. Following that I increased until 0.10ml with good effect. But after few injections, it was too much . Therefore I decreased it to 0.08 and 0.06. And now I have good effect at 0.06ml, and acceptable at 0.05ml Have you experienced...
  28. D

    Trimix - Does it decrease your natural ability to get an erection?

    Been on TRT for about 6 years now and I'm 60 years old. Labs are good except for my battle with hematocrit. Take a 5 mg Cialis daily and Viagra on occasion for a boost. This always worked for me until lately where i lose my erection as things should get going if you know what i mean. I was...
  29. Bentiger07

    Am I paying a fair price for penile injections?

    Excelmale, I received bimix from my doctor who has his own lab to make it. I was told it's a 12.8mL vial of: 30 mg/cc Papaverine 3.3 mg/cc Phentolamine (I googled around a bit and haven't see anyone mix in this much phentolamine, so it's a high concentration) I paid $325 for it. I usually need...
  30. S

    TriMix desensitization.

    I've read several posts from people claiming that this shouldn't be possible, but it sure does seem like it is. First time I ever injected TriMix I used 5 units with a U100 syringe. I got an erection that was ridiculous... in a good way. I could probably hammer nails into concrete with it. 4...
  31. S

    Sudafed question re Trimix

    I would like to have Sudafed on hand just in case of emergency. Problem is you can only find it now in 120mg extended release capsules, and not the 30mg pills all the posts talk about. Since the "extended release" mechanism is usually a function of the pill's coating, would it be just as...
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