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  1. S

    Chronically high SHBG and low free test (not on trt yet )

    I am hoping someone can shed some light on my current situation: 40 year old male, 5'10, 180 lbs Symptoms: Low energy, zero libido, poor recovery from exercise, fatigue Lifestyle: Don't drink, don't smoke, eat 40% carbs, 30% fat and 30% protein and 3000-4000 calories a day depending on energy...
  2. R

    Does TRT reverse/improve sexual symptoms for most men with High Range SHBG / Lower Free T?

    The more I read about the situation of the healthy active person with normal labs and normal Total T, but higher range SHBG and lower Free T, it seems the only real solution that fixes the numbers is TRT. For all the other solutions that supposedly help (boron, nettle, more carbs, etc), the...
  3. R

    Is this doctor saying the opposite about SHBG, or is there something I'm not understanding?

    At 1:04 he says single-digit SHBG guys don't do well on daily micro-dosing.
  4. C

    Supraphysiological test levels after stopping TRT

    I am throwing this question to the vast amount of knowledge on this board. My last Test-Cyp injection was February 4th (75mg, shallow IM, which I had been injecting weekly for less than 2 months). I had started low dose clomid (25mg eod) but stopped that 4 weeks prior to scheduled blood work...
  5. W

    TRT lowers SHBG

    My TRT SHBG is 16 which is kinda low. I've read TRT lowers SHBG, but by how much? Is is possible my natural SHBG is around 16? I don't have bloodwork that measured SHBG pre TRT
  6. R

    Freeing Up Testosterone with Average T Levels and/or Higher SHBG

    For those of us with average T levels and/or higher SHBG, our bodies are producing enough T, they just aren't using what's there because it is being bound by SHBG and isn't bioavailable. Why hasn't the pharmaceutical industry focused on producing medications that control (increase/decrease)...
  7. jacb

    What it the purpose of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) ?

    My question might be a basic one, but what is the purpose of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)? In general terms I appreciate that SHBG binds to Total Testosterone (along with Albumin) to give us Free Testosteron. My question is not about what “normal values” of SHBG might be, it is more...
  8. C

    (Very) High SHGB, Low Free T and Boron

    Hi there, I'm 44 now and 6yrs ago I was diagnosed with Type1-Diabetes. I changed my way of life then, lost about 30kgs, started with sports. My diet changed from typical western high-carb diet to a primal eating habit. No grains, sugar, rice. Mainly meats, eggs, dairy, some legumes, seeds,nuts...
  9. S

    How fluid is SHBG?

    How long does it take SHBG to change if, for example, it has been lowered through the use of say high dose testosterone or the use of oxandrolone? If one were to lower the dose of testosterone or cease using oxandrolone, when could one expect to see a rise in SHBG in lab work? We’ll assume...
  10. G

    Fish Oil and SHBG

    I can't find the pubmed study at the moment, but it's all over Google if searched. Apparently, fish oil lowers SHBG. I'm wondering how drastic this effect could be and if cutting my EPA/DHA dose from 2.4g to 1.2g may let it rise. I've read on here that guys with low SHBG have harder times...
  11. A

    low shbg means high free E2 ?

    Hello all, I have seen this idea thrown around on trt and steroids forums that low SHBG causes high free E2 and that the use of DHT derivatives like Proviron, Anavar can cause gyno by lowering shbg = > high free Test => more aromatization. But as per this study SHBG preferentially binds to DHT...
  12. D

    how much will daily usage of alcohol increase SHBG?

    so due to low T for a long time i sadly got into drinking alcohol for like 5 months now, daily (except a week and some days off here and there) around 12 beers a day. obviously that needs to stop and im already trying to reduce and then stop alcohol completely. so, ive heard that alcohols...
  13. R

    What does low shbg actually mean ?

    So I don’t want the medical technical Mumbo jumbo about it’s a carrier protein and all but what I want to know is if someone has low shbg what do they feel like . Should they feel tired , not optimized , workouts suck ,low sex drive, recovery ect . Does having normal levels make you feel better ?
  14. Charliebizz

    Shbg/free t?

    I have a weird question I do t know if I'm going to be able to word it right. But I'm curious why free testosterone is so import if shbg transports androgens to the cellular targets. This paragraph is from a study on pub med. I can be completely off on my interpretation. classical hormones...
  15. T

    Low SHBG = lower dosed, more frequent injections. Why?

    It doesn't make sense to me, but I am sure there's something I'm missing. Note, I know that there is a complex relationship here, but I'm looking at this on the surface level. Isn't the "low SHBG = more frequent injection at a lower dose" protocol a bit counterintuitive? For example. Let's...
  16. D

    Ambiguous blood serum levels. Something else needs to be looked at?

    Maybe someone here can advise me on where and how to proceed next. Perhaps there is some obscure hormone level or something else that the doctors have neglected to test for that would unlock the mystery of my condition. I am in despair that I will ever get an answer, much less any treatment. I...
  17. M

    Advice/help for high shbg guy

    Any guys here with normal total t and high shbg (pre trt) that could give me some advice please? Had blood tests done 4 time over the last year. Each time everything was right where it needed to be axcpet for my shbg. Total t has been 620-743. Shbg has been 56-75. Putting my free t between 9.1...
  18. Nocalves

    SHBG vs estrogen

    If there is some ideal T/E2 ratio, what role does SHBG have there? I have extremely low SHBG, so should I reduce or increase ratio, because of different binding affinity.
  19. E

    Switch to IM from SQ? Lower E2? Sleep, digestion, maybe lower Free T...

    Long-term TRT patient, current protocol is 154mg/week in EOD SubQ shots (into thigh, belly, hip, etc). I've struggled on and off with digestion issues (constipation) and lack of deep sleep. A few months ago I started intermittent fasting and it's been good for dropping some weight. That combined...
  20. madman

    SHBG: biomarker and hepatokine?

    Over the past decade, there have been important breakthroughs in our understanding of the regulation and function of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). A recent genome-wide association and Mendelian randomization study have provided new insights at the population level. A thorough study of...
  21. D

    Scrotal Testosterone Cream

    Hey guys, It seems like this has been a great method to increase libido for many of the members and in particular DHT levels. For those where it has worked when you have introduced cream with normal injections is there a protocol that you found worked best or a cream dosage that was sufficient...
  22. T

    enclomiphene - shbg levels

    I've tried to see effects of enclomiphene on SHBG levels. Seen a study but lost the link for it. I think it was a study done as part of FDA approval. I've also seen a few different people posting before and after blood test results in a few different forums. It's starting to seem that maybe if...
  23. A

    Can trt crash shbg?

    My current protocol is 30mg Test Cyp eod. Before trt, my shbg was in the 80s n/mol. With every blood test over the past year it has gotten progressively lower 45 n/mol, 35, and now my most recent is 29. Im getting concerned that it might get TOO low (sub 20). Anyone have experience with this...
  24. Charliebizz

    How many low shbg guys use A. I

    What's up guys. I'm wondering how many low shbg guys use an a.i. I've never felt 100% dialed in on trt and have been at this on and off for over 10 years. I feel decent on 90mg of test e a week split mwf. I've tried many different frequency and doses and this has me feeling ok with tt of 500...
  25. S

    Does variation in peak/trough equate to libido?

    I have been on TRT for about three years. In January I switched to daily injections in an effort to control hematocrit, acne and sleep issues. I began at 20 mg per day and have slowly decreased my dose down to what is now 14 mg per day under the theory that the lowest possible dose is best. I...
  26. D

    SHBG Effect on TT, FT and DHT

    Hey guys, I am going to be trying NDT in the near future to increase my low thyroid numbers and am hoping a side effect may be increased SHBG from what other members have experienced. That said my TT is 1100, FT 29 and DHT 60. Right now my SHBG sits around 16. Say it increases to 30 what kind...
  27. P

    Shbg 25 nmol/litre

    Is 25 nmol litre considered low?
  28. D

    So many post on low Shbg, what range is low shbg?

    New to the forum and very new to trt (only 10 days in). I've had 4 tests pre trt over 18m and all with shbg with following results: 23 (latest and lowest) , 26, 31, 34 nmol/L. Should I be worried about having low shbg? Currently my protocol is e5d 125mg Sustanon. Do I need to move to EoD or...
  29. P

    Injection frequency effect on shbg

    Hi everyone ,I « heard »different thought about the effect of injection frequency on shbg For the same dose ,let’s say 200 mg. Injecting everyday instead of once a week for example will it increase or decrease shbg?
  30. A

    Will a 20mg bump decrease SHBG?

    I’m currently injecting 80mg once a week but I’m increasing my dose to 100mg. My current SHBG is 23 but I’m concerned this increase will lower it? What do you guys think?
  31. D

    DHEA Supplementation Effect SHBG?

    Hey guys, I recently began supplementing with a low dosage of micronized DHEA(10mg daily) to see if I can boost my lower levels. I ran 25mg a day at one point in the past with a cheap version and it caused some estrogen related side effects which I was trying to avoid with a better quality...
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