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Hi All -
FYI: I did some shopping around and this is the place where I've consistently found the best pricing on labs. You can choose to go to either a Quest or LabCorp collection center. No Dr. Rx needed and I always check the "weekly promotions" where sometimes you'll find packages at discount or just a 15% off Quest online coupon. Check it out.

I just did a whole round of labs my Dr. wanted and he was very surprised the price I paid.
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This lab gets my vote:

I have used them multiple times and they are fantastic. When I have spoken with them on the phone regarding any manner their customer service is first class. I'm sure if i searched high and low i could find somewhere that beat their price a dollar here or a dollar there.

So, while saving money is important to us all, I also want a place that to me is quality. DiscountedLabs understands TRT becasue they were founded by Nelson Vergel, the same individual that founded this forum and has written numerous books on TRT along with numerous lectures and podcasts relating to all things TRT related.

From a pricing stand point, I just looked at one example which was Free Estradiol using the LC/MS/MS assay. I used it because this marker is going to become more and more relevant in TRT as we move forward. You lab offers this test at a cost of $369 and my lab, Discounted Labs, offers it for $108. I also believe in supporting something which I have learn much from.

I am sure your lab choice is a good one, just stating my choice and why.

By the way, welcome to the forum. We hope you become an active member.
Interesting and I’m guessing it depends what you’re buying. My doc gave me a list of what he wanted me to run. Pretty long list since I’m starting. When I priced DL they were about $60 more on a $300 package. Both places were just front ends for Quest or LabCorp so I didn’t think it mattered who I paid. Doesn’t DL just sell you testing from Quest or LabCorp? And thanks for the welcome!
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