The promise of psychedelics

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Psychedelics have helped me and many others that I know through real dark times of addiction and depression.

My own breakthrough with psychedelics provided the breaking down of my belief systems and reawakened an overwhelmingly empowering sense of my own ability to change.

I’m super excited to be sharing this next episode of the NatLifePod with you because I’m behind the mic with Professor David Nutt. who is a neuropsychopharmacologist specializing in the research of drugs that affect the brain and conditions such as addiction, depression anxiety, and sleep.

In this chat with David I unpack my own journey with psychedelics and the huge shifts that I have made through working with these powerful medicines David then helps to explain what was actually happening with my brain during and after these mind-altering, healing, and life-changing experiences.

It’s a really exciting time and certainly feels that we’re on the cusp of a major revolution in psychiatric medicine and neuroscience that could see psychedelics being used to treat addictions, depression, and other mental health conditions.

We discuss the potential therapeutic purposes of psychedelics for conditions including depression, PTSD, addiction, anxiety, and eating disorders.

I hope you appreciate the direction of this conversation and the great work that David Nutt is doing here.
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