Testosterone Therapy with Pellet Implants: Treatment Protocols (Women)

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She is definitely not a fan of letting your estradiol run wild!

Critical point she makes at the start of the webinar.....the one thing I want you to remember is that what I'm speaking on only applies to testosterone delivered through the pellet implants, it's a different type of release mechanism, it works differently than topical gels/creams, orals, sublingual and every other method of delivery

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This is a segment of a longer lecture on TRT given by Nelson Vergel, author of the book Testosterone: A Man's Guide and founder of ExcelMale.com and DiscountedLabs.com. You can watch the lecture here: • Low Testosterone Causes and Treatments Testosterone pellets are little pellets, about the size of rice, that are implanted beneath the skin to gradually release testosterone hormone into the bloodstream. Testosterone pellets are also referred to as testosterone pellet implants. The pellets are inserted beneath the skin, typically on the buttocks or the belly, and the treatment causes the pellets to gradually release the hormone over the course of three to six months. In comparison to topical gels, creams, or patches, testosterone pellets have the advantage of allowing for a more controlled release of the hormone over a longer period of time and requiring fewer treatments.In comparison to testosterone injections, pellets do not require frequent appointments or injections. On the other hand, some people have swelling, bruising, and infections at the place where the implant was inserted after getting one. When using pellets, there is a greater possibility of either overdosing or underdosing the medication. In addition, the expense of testosterone pellets and the inconveniences associated with their insertion, such as pain and invasiveness, outweigh the benefits of using them. It is imperative that you discuss your choices with your primary care physician, including the benefits and downsides of each treatment option, so that they can advise you on the course of action that will be most beneficial to you.

Testosterone pellets are a commercially available product used for hormone replacement therapy. They are inserted every three to four months and have varying dosage options. Insurance coverage may be limited, requiring out-of-pocket payments. Pellets are more cost-effective compared to other forms of testosterone replacement. There is a need for skilled doctors to avoid complications like extrusion, infection, and bruising. Blood levels of testosterone should be monitored before each insertion. The procedure involves inserting pellets in the upper gluteal area using a trocar and forceps. Dissolving slowly over time, the pellets are typically painless and go unnoticed.

Highlights #testosterone pellets are a cost-effective option for #testosteronereplacementtherapy. Insurance coverage for pellets may be limited, requiring out-of-pocket payments. Insertion procedure requires a skilled doctor to avoid complications. Monitoring blood levels of testosterone is necessary before each insertion.️ #pellets are inserted in the upper gluteal area using a trocar and forceps.⏳ Pellets dissolve slowly over time and are typically painless. Complications like extrusion, infection, and bruising can occur if the insertion technique is not proper.0:00 Introduction0:05 Testosterone Pellet Regimens0:46 Testosterone Replacer Therapy: Testosterone Implants (Pellets)1:36 Testosterone Pellet Insertion Procedure2:15 Testosterone Pellets-Good and Bad Insertion Technique
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