Need advice on HCG and side effects.

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As some of you know, I included again into my TRT protocol the HCG at 150IU daily using Pregnyl.

I have used the HCG for 10 days straight now, and I’d like to know if you guys think I should wait a bit longer or this call for a dose reduction.

I have good side effects but to keep the post short I will focus on negatives for now. I was on HCG till 2019 (compounded) and I don’t think I ever experienced this.

For the first few days I felt groggy about an hour after injection, very similar to when I was using Progesterone cream. However, I believe this side effect disappeared for the past two days.

It is effecting my sleep, I have energy at night that I have trouble falling asleep and wake up 2/3 times during the night with vivid dreams, and still getting up in the am with energy but with the feeling of not really sleeping, last night all of this was a bit better.

Then I believe it fees almost stimulating in a way, with at times some sort of anxiety. And maybe some other times I feel very good, almost like I’m on a drug or something. Plus I get this feeling in my head, but BP is normal, actually improved since the HCG

Thoughts are appreciate it
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