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I am writing here about my experience with PAE so folks will get yet another perspective. I have had BPH for many years . I have been taking Alfuzosin for about two years.
I was getting up every hour to pee for about a year and finally my uro sent me to Dr. Isaccson. He called me and talked it over and said he advised to do the PAE for BPH symptom relief. I researched and decided to do it with Dr. Isaccson. He is amazing! Attentive. Caring. Smart. During the procedure we listened to Lynyrd Skynyrd and talked about music and my life as a musician. After the procedure, which was a very unique experience in a sort of conscious limbo, I laid still for a couple of hours. That night it felt like I was peeing razor blades. That went on for ten days then it subsided. I was peeing better getting up only three times a night. At the two-month checkup with uro I was told to stop my Alfuzosin since my symptoms were way better. No problems. Then I developed a pain in my bladder while dealing with norovirus. Virus ended but pain didn’t . Had burning when peeing. Called uro and thought it was prostatitus. Took keflex and no relief. Two weeks later(yesterday) I peed out what looked like a 1 1/2 inch long thick gray mushy caterpillar. I knew it was necrotic prostate tissue. I’m thankful to God I didn’t have urine retention. I called Dr. Isaccson and he reassured me it was normal for 1 % of the time and if symptoms didn’t return, I’m good to go. Should have easier time peeing now. He called me twice to talk about it. He is going to talk with the uro and discuss my case but thinks I’m ok. The pain and burning has stopped .
I have to say that I was not aware of the danger of necrotic tissue blocking the urethra. One reason I did not do HoLEP is because of possible blood clots in urethra and possibility of urine retention and need for a foley cath. Of course the doctors don’t think I will have a problem with more necrotic blobs but naturally they will say positive things . I wasn’t warned about this. I was warned about all the other terrible stuff that can happen. Still, the PAE is less dangerous by far than any of the other procedures except maybe urolift.
I don’t know about the TUNA AND TUMT.
I trust Dr. Isaccson. He cares. He’s done more than 1600 of these procedures . He likes Lynyrd Skynyrd!
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