bph and pae and prostate

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    My experience with PAE

    I am writing here about my experience with PAE so folks will get yet another perspective. I have had BPH for many years . I have been taking Alfuzosin for about two years. I was getting up every hour to pee for about a year and finally my uro sent me to Dr. Isaccson. He called me and talked it...
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    BHP and Prostatic Artery Embolization (PAE) - MY STORY

    Long story short… Large prostate. NO PCa. Getting up at night every 1.5 to pee. Getting old with that. Researched minimally invasive procedures. Procedure covered by insurance. NO DICING AND SLICING because of possible sides! TULSAPRO looked good but insurance would not cover. Researched PAE...
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