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For those with a rising PSA level and concerns about prostate health, I thought I would give my results from taking this supplement.

I am reasonably certain my elevated PSA levels reflected a growth in my prostate and not prostatitis, as I had before and after DRE exams and the estimated size of my prostate increased.

Thankfully I didn’t have any LUTS, but IMO if my PSA level continued to increase and prostate grow, it was only a matter of when not if I would start having urinary problems, as in LUTS.

Taking LEF’s ultra prostate supplement, in less than 3 months, my PSA level dropped from 4.2 > 3.4. BUT I also stopped supplementing HCG and DHEA and continued with TRT testosterone solo.

LEF;s supplement is highly rated with most men reporting reduced PSA and better urine control. Looking at reviews, I didn’t see any negatives outside of it didn’t work 100% for everyone, but those that said it didn’t work were very few.

However, there is a downside.

In addition to PSA I wanted to see how this affected typical hormones related to prostate. After all, the only effective way I have seen to reduce prostate size is through reducing DHT. (I don’t think DHT causes prostate growth, but reducing DHT does shrink the prostate).

While currently I feel good, good libido and the blood test I did indicated the supplement dropped my PSA, it also affected many other hormones.

For the same Total T, my FT dropped from 40-50%, my DHT dropped 42%, E2 dropped 25% and DHEA dropped 25% below where it was BEFORE I started TRT.

Outside of DHEA, I am still way above where I started out with FT and E2, but if I weren’t on TRT my levels would really plummet. And all those hormones included DHEA and DHT are “in range” just now on the lower side of the range.

IMO the main reason I feel good right now if because I estimate my total T is around 1100, I didn’t test it but that is about where it should be looking at the past and I did test E2 which was 26 pg/ml, which also tended to confirm my guess about Total T.

If I let my total T get back down to 630, likely my FT would be ~8 pg/ml, dht ~43 ng/dl and E2 would be ~16 pg/ml, which is what I actually measured on a blood test when I also measured a total T of 630. Which is lower than I want those numbers to be.

One thing I am unable to test and is likely important, what are the tissue DHT concentrations in the prostate? Was this affected? Can I raise my serum level DHT while dropping my tissue level concentration? Will this combo of high serum low tissue DHT shrink the prostate? Is the lower FT and E2 important to the prostate? Likely I will never find the answer to those questions.

I am OK with PSA 3.4, it would be nice if it were lower giving me more room for an upside surprise, but I don’t want to continue this much longer. Sooner rather than later I will suspend taking this supplement while I will NOT go back to HCG with the expectation (hope) my PSA level will not go back up and FT, E2, DHT will rise. I do have some logical analysis / studies to suggest that is what will happen.

FWIW, I am ok with DHEA / pregnenolone supplements in the future, though I have read DHEA increases DHT, I don’t think elevated DHT actually causes prostate growth when your LH hormone is also low.

So for those with LUTS or rising PSA levels, I would recommend LEF’s Ultra Prostate formula as it really works for the majority of men.
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Thank you for a well presented review. May I ask what sort of velocity, rate-of-rise, your PSA had presented?

The speed of the rise caught me off guard, it was from one blood test to the next 4.5 months later.

4/21/2018 PSA 2.4
PSA had been between 2,1-2.8 since 1995 and that was 5 years of fairly high T on Nebido / TRT solo.

9/8/2018 PSA 3.8
Which is when I quit HCG/DHEA. DHEA was 450, my free T was 20.7 (6.6-18.1), Total T was 690 and E2 was 20.3 an IGF-1 was 149, SHBG 41.

10/31/2018 PSA 4.2 Percent Free 24.3%

11/9/2019 Started Ultra Prostate.
12/7/2018 PSA 3.9
12/27/2018 PSA 3.9 on a SelectMDX test, the test said very low cancer risk.
2/4/2019 PSA 3.4

I believe if I had stopped TRT entirely on 9/8/2019 or 10/31/2018 my PSA would have dropped faster, as my DHT would have been even lower than the 43 I ng/dl I actually measured it on 12/29/2018. But I wasn’t willing to tank my T, FT, E2,DHT. Though I had no idea my FT and E2 would also decline from the supplement, but if I had also stopped TRT, they would have all been driven into the basement. My total T still ranges from 630-1290, but without TRT Total T would have dropped to ~350, I would be afraid to see how low FT/E2/DHT combined with the supplement would go in that circumstance.

One other thing surprised me. I looked at what other men said about LEF’s Prostate supplement, no one complained about typical symptoms of low T / libido. They were mostly happy about being able to sleep most of the night without peeing 6-8 times a night and avoiding any kind of surgery. Who knows, they are mostly older and maybe already accepted a low libido / lower energy as a part of getting older.

I know I will stop the prostate supplement sometime in the next 30 days, test for PSA then test again in a few months to see if it stays stable.

One thing for sure, I am no longer so cavalier about hormones, I had been thinking of getting a peptide to increase IGF-1 or maybe going supraphysiological on testosterone, now I am shelving those ideas. (Oh, I think I would be OK with much higher T, but now I am a little gun shy, and IGF-1 isn't a good thing to increase a lot for me, so never going down the HGH/IGF-1 route.)
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