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  1. Blackhawk

    Wish me luck

    The time is nigh. My prostate story is a bit unique. I've had some degree of BPH since my 40s, but it's remained tolerable until more recent years. Had a real initial PSA scare, but for 4 years it has bounced around, and at no point were any markers indicative of agressive prostate cancer. It...
  2. L

    Semen leaking when days between sex

    Do any of you have issues with semen building and leaking when straining in the slightest? Was walking up stairs and about a tablespoon of semen came out. It’s embarrassing when this happens as it is enough to wet your pants and requires changing. Thanks
  3. A

    PectaSol-C modified citrus pectin induces apoptosis and inhibition of proliferation in androgen-dependent and- independent prostate cancer [PectaSol-C also effective for BPH] PectaSol-C modified citrus pectin induces apoptosis and inhibition of proliferation in human and mouse androgen-dependent and- independent prostate cancer cells Jun Yan 1, Aaron Katz Affiliations expand PMID...
  4. Jaydubbs

    High PSA, biopsies, cancer

    I have been combing the forums regarding PSA test, TRT, biopsy, non-invasive diagnostics and related. I am 70yo, and take 40mg Test Cyp twice weekly. I have ben on TRT for almost 2 years. I do have ED issues but that predates TRT use by several years and was not the reason for starting TRT in...
  5. B

    New BPH therapies

    3 new BPH therapies I have recently read about. 1) aquablation ( this seems like the best ) 2) iTind procedure 3) butterfly bph therapy. They are conducting studies now. all 3 of these are very effective and fully preserve sexual function.
  6. B

    My Urologist gave me saw palmetto last week

    My urologist noticed i have been retaining a little urine so in conjunction with flomax which I have been taking, he gave me 2 bottles of saw palmetto gel caps at NO charge. He says it works. Any opinion or experience?
  7. C

    Prostate Supplement causing decreased libido?

    Just curious. I am 55. Over the last few years I've developed some bph symptoms. The usual, up a few times through the night, bit of dribble etc...I started taking an otc supplement "Super Prostate" from Webber Naturals. It contains Saw palmetto liposterolic extract 125mg, Stinging nettle...
  8. A

    Prostate Enlargement

    Does anyone on this forum know of an effective remedy for enlarged prostate?
  9. T


    Hello all, I am curious if anyone has had the Urolift procedure? What your recovery was like? How bad your BPH got before you decided a procedure was needed? I’m 51. I go to the bathroom around 6-8 times in an 8hr shift. Wake at least 2-3 times on average. I typically just sit down now seems...
  10. Z

    Normal PSA - with BPH symptoms

    40-year-old make been on injectable TRT (Sustanol) for c 10 years Three PSA tests between 2018, and last week all 0.6 ug/L (<2.5) Symptoms of BPH frequent urination, hesitancy, weak flow, stop-start, waking up to pee etc (put it down to excessive fluid and caffeine intake, but systems are still...
  11. S

    Natural Foods and Supplements for an enlarged prostate

    Thought I'd share this video on natural foods and supplements for an enlarged prostate
  12. S

    Waking up to urinate 2 or 3 times during the night?

    Anyone else experience this problem? Is this typical of an enlarged prostate? My doc said my prostate "feels" normal but it could still be enlarged. This has been an ongoing problem for the last 5 to 7 years. It seems to be getting worse. I have a urine flow test and a bladder sonogram in a...
  13. M

    Clomid fixes my prostate problems

    Just sharing my experience with others who have issues with a swollen / enlarged prostate. I have struggled with it on and off for years and when I went on trt it got much much worse to the point that I was about to go off. Cialis made little to know difference and alpha blockers make my blood...
  14. M


    I have been on TRT since March of 2018. I will be 58 years old in September, in two more months. My PSA went to 2.0 a few weeks after starting TRT but fluctuated back down to 1.4 by November of 2018 and since then it has stayed between 1.4 and 2.18 between April 2018 and November 2019, going...
  15. D

    TRT after treatment for prostate cancer

    In the spring of 2020 after being on TRT for 5 years, I stopped suddenly last year when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer with 9 of 12 biopsy cores were cancerous and Gleason score of 6. There was no abnormality detected in rectal exams. My PSA had gradually increased to 11 over a period of...
  16. BJE

    Covid causing prostatitis?

    In early mid January I had a headache, chills and fever along with a mild cough and congestion. I thought it might be covid but they ran two different tests and it was not detected. However on the forth day I woke up with prostate pain which indicated that this may be prostatitis. However, it...
  17. T

    SQ vs IM side effects...

    I switched to IM, a while back, just to see if anything positive was noted. I noticed my morning urine stream was very poor. Just the morning one...thinking prostate effect. I did not change anything else, other than where the shot was administered. Anyone else ever experience this?
  18. R

    Prostatitis on TRT

    Anyone have any advice to eliminate prostatitis when taking TRT? I have tried 3 cycles at different times and each time after the first shot my prostate gets inflamed. Once I stop it slowly goes away. Protocol was 125 mg test, hcg and armidex. Second cycle I moved to twice a week injections...
  19. O


    UPDATE i WAS LOOKING FOR MY ORIGINAL POST BUT IT MUST HAVE DISAPEARED:) SHORT STORY BELOW:) Hmmm I have a thread or 2 on my PSA. I was waaaay higher than you. DR wanted to do a blind biopsy. Not no, but hell no. Lets do a 4K blood test. Results were good. Still over 4. Lets do a blind biopsy...
  20. Robotics

    Urgent* PSA Higher After coming off TRT!

    I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow so urgent replies requested! My PSA rose to just above the range and was at 2.6 (max was 2.5). My doctor wanted to take me off TRT and see how it would react. I came off TRT and now it is at 3.0 months later. I do feel discomfort and pressure in...
  21. T

    I stopped TRT because of benign prostatic hyperplasia

    I used to be on TRT with Nebido or cypionate (IM) but I had to stop because of severe exaggeration of my prostate situation. Any input on this regarding handling of dosage or any other tip helping to get back on TRT?
  22. T

    PSA levels on TRT - SURVEY

    Curious to see what everyone’s PSA levels are like on TRT. State your age, pre TRT psa and free % levels and what changes you saw in the first year. Any abnormal spikes? 43 - pre trt psa 0.93 - 3 months into trt 0.77, free 45% - 1 year into trt up to 1.8. Retest pending as this result freaked...
  23. T

    White liquid coming out after peeing

    I´m 58 years old and when I pee I need sometimes to push a bit harder to get the last drops out. Sometimes what comes out is white/grey liquid that is not urine. It´s not painful but if I don´t clean the head with a cleanex it will start to smell after some hours. What could this be? Otherwise I...
  24. DragonBits

    The Long Haul: Treating Men with Obesity with Testosterone

    The Long Haul: Treating Men with Obesity with Testosterone BY DEREK BAGLEY JUN 2019 A study presented at ENDO 2019 shows that long-term testosterone therapy in men with obesity and hypogonadism can actually contribute to prolonged weight loss without an added risk for mortality or major...
  25. M

    The world’s strongest MRI machines are pushing human imaging to new limits

    From 3T to 10.5T resolution that could be something for prostate imaging. The world’s strongest MRI machines are pushing human imaging to new limits
  26. O

    Focal Laser Therapy for Prostate Cancer

    Good info here with 2 links to additional info. Dr. Scott Eggener on Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer - Prostate cancer - Inspire AND Dr. Ahmed is Professor and Chair of Urology Focal Therapy Interview - Prostate cancer - Inspire Might be another good STICKIE
  27. T

    BPH vs PSA

    Just started seeing a new doc and he gave me a BPH blood test. I have noticed everyone on here gets PSA. In Lamens terms can someone talk me through the difference and was the test he got me just pointless?
  28. B

    Enlarged Prostate and DHT levels

    Hey guys, i thought i saw a thread that said your prostate wont grow any larger whether you have a dht level of 150 or only 50. Is this correct ???? I guess you need to have very low dht levels in order to shrink it or prevent further growth. I think reference range is 35-79..
  29. C

    SelectMDX Prostate Cancer Screening Rather Than Biopsy

    A “puzzling” velocity rise in my PSA over the last 15 months prompted my urologist to utter the word, “biopsy.” I responded, “SelectMDX,” the reasonably new, non-invasive urine test that tracks two bio-markers and can rule out prostrate cancer with an extremely high degree of certainty. We...
  30. DragonBits

    HCG/:LH possible role in prostate growth?

    There is a lot of positive info about the benefits of HCG, but I don’t think it’s all positive. IMO higher levels of HCG/LH can contribute to higher PSA levels and BPH, at least in some percentage of men. But as I note, I am not firm in this opinion. One has to also realize it’s not natural...
  31. DragonBits

    Life extension Ultra Prostate formula: Results

    For those with a rising PSA level and concerns about prostate health, I thought I would give my results from taking this supplement. I am reasonably certain my elevated PSA levels reflected a growth in my prostate and not prostatitis, as I had before and after DRE exams and the estimated size...
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