Last Throw of the Dice - advise on Arimidex dosage

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Some logical thinking:

1. Unlikely this is water retention because the diuretic did not help significantly.

2. Unlikely this is intestinal gas/bloat due to colitis because the pics show volume and flabbiness at love handles, pecs, arms.

3. Most likely this is fat.

- Reduce your daily carbs and calories. Formulas to estimate the basal metabolic rate are very inaccurate and your experience clearly shows that your current calorie intake is above your basal metabolic rate. Reduce the daily calories to 1500. Eat more meat than carbs.

- Do more cardio exercises than weight training. Weight training does not burn significant amount of calories. The best daily exercise for losing the fat is daily walking, minimum 1.5 hours each day. It should be low intensity, continuous (not split), long time. That turns on the fat burning.

- Try the suggested change to a testosterone cream or lower the testosterone dose.
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