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  1. Y

    From India. Need help with E2 and HCG

    Hi Everyone, I live in India. TRT is unheard of here and I could use help from the members on Excelmale. I've consulted few doctors here and even the "TRT Specialist" I met doesn't have knowledge about TRT... he wanted me to cycle TRT and said that Estrogen level in men should be brought down...
  2. K

    FURIOUS about my doc. Refusing to continue to treat me...

    So I went to my endo again, 6 weeks after we started TRT (IM injections E2W), to discuss blood work. (Been diagnosed with primary) He started me on a horrible protocol (125mg E2W), so after 4 weeks I told him via email I want to switch to weekly injections, to which he agreed. The labs drawn...
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