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Hi Phil

Hey guys, Phil is one of the pioneers online. I followed his yahoo group in the early 2000's. Treat him well.

Phil, my guess is that you have very high inflammation (CRP) which makes the regular E2 test show high values. This test cannot tell the difference between CRP and E2.

Your sensitive estradiol is too low. I would completely stop all AI's (Yes, I am serious). The study that showed that guys with higher estradiol died faster included men with low testosterone and used the old E2 test. Since then we have found that E2 is protective as long as your T is not low. It actually improves lipids and insulin sensitivity. I have a bunch of posts, a handout and videos here:

Role of Estradiol in Men and Its Management

I am sorry you are in such pain. Low E2 can also cause joint pains and tendon issues.

Are you on opiates? What is your TRT protocol? Do you use HCG?

Dr Forest Tennant uses HCG for pain reduction. Read the attached report.


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Nelson thanks for the reply,

My CRP is 2.1 range 0 to 4.9 mg/L TT is 795. I do a 3.5 mg. shot E3D subQ in my belly fat.

I don't take pain meds they don't work very well so why take them. I do 250 IU's of HCG E3D doing it the day before my T shot.

I just started some Hemp Oil to see is it helps with my pain to soon to tell I posted info about today.

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Have you ever tried to let go of AIs?
Yes I have had to stop Arimidex going by reg. womens E2 test. But in 3 days my E2 rebounded on me big time. I got a bad rash on the back of my lower legs and started having panic problems.

As for wood when I am to low or to high I don't have rem sleep wood. I seen you post a lot about E2 and wood not having been tested. Yet I lost count on how many men I told about this. And they showed high on E2 and taking even Zinc or an AL got there sex life back.

I have been off Aromasin 3 days now no problems yet I read it could take a few weeks to start coming back up.

I pray my pain lowers for all I know I have been low a good yr. Old labs show my good on the reg. E2 tests it started showing high about 10 months ago.
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Hi All,

After being off Aromasin for a time yesterday I was sweating off and on this made me think my E2 is coming up. That day I had my HCG shot but today so far I am fine.

Phil aka pmgamer18
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Just an update,

Last week I felt sore and hard nipples was sweating a lot with feelings of panic. I tried to hold off going back on my Aromasin but each day was getting bad. And no rem sleep wood.

So I went back on Aromasin one half a pill that did not do a thing. So I took the whole pill and in about 3 hrs. I started feeling better. So my thinking was E2 went back up yet after 3 days. I started feeling bad again so I am back on the med E2 to 3 days and doing very good. A lot of the pain I suffer is a lot less so after taking 4 pills / day I am down to one pill E3D.

Hope this keeps up.
Phil aka pmgamer18