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Hello everyone, I'm new here on the forum, I've had a look and I think it's a really professional and well run forum.

I would run a DHT cycle of 12 weeks. I would use a transdermal gel of DHT (like a stronger version of Andractim).
The dose would be 20mg of DHT per day.
I have already run a DHT gel before but by the seventh to eighth week I saw my balls shrinking and therefore I stopped the cycle.

Now I want to try again but preserving my dear testicles.
I read here on the forum that HCG is the best way to preserve the size and spermatogenesis of the testicles during an AAS cycle.
I was thinking of running 250IU EOD throughout the whole 12-week cycle.
I shouldn't need anastrozole (or any other AI) with HCG because DHT already keeps estrogens down, right?
My only worry is that maybe using HCG (250 IU EOD) for 12 consecutive weeks may induce desensitization or down-regulation of LH receptors in the Leydig cells.

What do you think about it, guys? Thank you very much.
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As a men's health community we don't offer advice in support of cycling. There are forums that can engage with you in your question, but it's not our focus.

We understand that it's your body and your choice; we wish you well.
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