Advice needed on how to carry prescription meds outside the US through airport customs ?

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Will be taking a trip to Cyprus Greece never traveled outside the US before looking for some advice on here what I need to do to deal with airport customs and anything else for my prescription meds and injectables ?
Also a good way to deal with taking along a dose or 2 of HCG ?
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Leave the HCG at home, you don't need to worry about keeping it cool and can miss a few shots with almost no impact on your therapy. Otherwise carry your stuff in it's properly labeled packaging. Domestically TSA doesn't look twice at my stuff. Outside the US though I've *heard* that you might need an additional letter from your Dr.
Just make sure the bottles have your name on it in their original prescription labels. Also, no need to refrigerate HCG for 6-7 hours as long as you keep it somewhere cool. Make sure your hotel room has a fridge to put the HCG in when you get to your hotel.

If customs ever asks you what the meds are for, just tell them there are for your penis (I know they are not directly for that purpose but indirectly)
I have used that answer twice to see them so embarrassed that they just stop searching and close the bag to tell you to move on.

How to travel with T and HCG?[SUB][SUP]
I cross borders regularly and have had no problem, other than entering Russia. I did need to provide a letter from my doctor that one time. I can't imagine you'll have problems with Greek or Cypriot customs/immigration officers.

Enjoy your trip.
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