sustanon 250

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  1. Z

    Going from Sustanon to Enanthate

    Hi All, I'm in the UK and I've been using Sustanon 250 for many years, I split each 1ml/250mg Amp into 2 injections and take them once per week, (0.5ml/125mg) sub-q in the glute using an insulin needle (1ml/29g). To split the amp I pull the stopper out of the back of the insulin needle inject...
  2. D

    Happy on Cypionate but only Sustanon available in EU, dosage?

    So I've been cruising with no sides and no AI on 200 mg/mL test cyp at 40mg EOD for a few months now. Trouble is we've just moved overseas and the doc says in this country all they can get is Sustanon. He's prescribed me 250 mg, one injection per two weeks, old fashioned style, which I will not...
  3. R

    which day to get tested with sustanon 250

    I will be injecting Sustanon 250, should I get the blood level tested the day before the next injection?
  4. M

    TRT, high/'normal T/FT, low SHGB, low E

    Hi there, greetings to you all. Sorry for my Englisch/misspellings. Englisch is not my native language. 43 y/o male I have used Finasteride and SSRI in the past. Which led me probably with Low T and low E. Don't wanna go too deep into this. There are much forums about these topics and they...
  5. V

    Issues regarding Sustanon

    Hello. I started TRT 3 weeks ago with sustanon, however it seems it has been a mistake starting with this ester. The issue with cypionate and enanthate is I need to take them from a neighbouring country or UGL. So my protocol is 20mg daily. However I learned that in every 20mg sustanon from the...
  6. T

    Newbie Sustanon 250 and HCG protocol advice

    Hey All, I'm a 29 year old male in Australia. I have just been prescribed TRT and HCG by my Dr for low T. My total T was around 210. LH and FSH were high so it looks like primary hypogonadism. He's prescribed me 250mg of Sustanon 250 per 2 weeks and 1500 IU of HCG per week. I am getting more...
  7. M


    Ok so got my doc recommendations start my TRT: Here are my last lab test: Estradiol: 20 pg/ml FT: 0.323 nmol/l range (0.174-0.729) TT: 12.98 nmol/l range (9.90-27.80) SHBG: 26 nmol/l range (14.5-48.4) I have more data but I guess this is what most guys ask for if needed please let me know I...
  8. 7

    HCG causing water retention? on PCT after Sustanon

    I have done a 12 week cycle of Sustanon at 500mg per week and it has now been 1 week since my last injection of 250 mg (I was doing two shots each at 250mg per week). Started taking HCG at 1500 iu E3D from Friday last week and now noticing water retention. Especially in face and stomach. My...
  9. G

    How can you use glass ampoules multiple times for divided doses?

    Hi just received my Sustanon 250 but it comes in glass sealed ampoules rather than rubber sealed tops, any suggestions on how to proceed in use with a divided dose schedule? I suppose this has been discussed before but I am new to the whole injection thing having in the past used oral and...
  10. M

    Use Sustanon 250 in place of Test Cyp?

    I am on vacation outside of the U.S. for the next two weeks and my prescription of Testosterone Cypionate has run out. I can only refill it at certain times and the next eligible date is today, but I'm not in the U.S. I can buy Testosterone over the counter without a prescription in the country...
  11. M

    Storing T in Syringe?

    Hey guys, I've read some of the advice on this forum and actioned some of the tips, but my healthcare provider just 'blew a gasket' when I told him how I was attempting to prevent T wastage. I'm UK based and my current protocol is 0.5ml of Sustanon 250 every 5days, with HCG every 3.5 days...
  12. T

    Keeping testosterone in pre-loaded syringe for a week or more

    I get mine like this, they come in the 1ml ampoule and I only take 0,5 and the doc told me to discard the rest. I was thinking to save the rest for next pin in a syringe. How safe is that and is anyone doing that?
  13. B

    One injection of Sustanon250 over three weeks graph (With bloodwork)

    So here it is guys, One injection of Sustanon250 (1ml - 250mg) every three weeks completely mapped out with regular blood work. I showed this to my urologist yesterday and she agreed it isn't working the way she expected so we've switched to weekly injections of 0.5ml Sustanon 250. I've brought...
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    How quickly my body burns through SUS250 over 2 weeks (Graph using bloodwork)

    Hey team, I've been getting bloodwork every few days to show my urologist how silly it is to do a 1ml injection of Sus250 every three weeks. Thought you might be interested to see just how fast it burns up! This is over a 13 day period. Results: 2 Days after injection: Total Testosterone...
  15. T

    TRT in Europe/EU anyone???

    Hello All :) I've been looking into TRT for years, and kinda suspected my T was low. (eat 100% Eco food lift weights all that even do martial arts) Asked a few docs they could not test it or would not. (Europe is totally different than the US) But finally got a test in aug/sep was I was...
  16. L

    Spitting Doses of Sust 250

    Hi All, For those of you familiar with some of my posts, Ive been on TRT since start of the year and never really got dialled in. In short started the first 3 months on nebido with zero improvement and then moved to sust 250 with mixed results but had symptoms of high e2 but no access to...
  17. 0

    Sustanon vs testosterone enanthate

    Hi all, My doctor has given me a choice between test e and sustanon for trt. He advised me to go with Sustanon as its about £3 - £4 per ampoule, whereas test e would be 6/7 times more expensive. If I was on sustanon I'd imagine I would do EOD injections along with hcg If I was on test e I...
  18. J

    Lab work on Sustanon 250. Feel nothing after 10 months

    Hi Guys, I'm posting here after discussing my case on the facebook group. But first let me explain myself. I was born with a mild case of the rare condition called Eagle-Barrett Syndrome. My main symptoms of this are half my abdominal muscles are missing and both testicles undecended. One is...
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